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This pro­ject up cy­cles draw­ers from a bed­side unit into neat un­der-bed stor­age. You might be lucky and find one large drawer that fits be­neath your bed per­fectly, or you can use two small draw­ers. The only down­side is the dust that can ac­cu­mu­late un­der the bed, but top­ping the drawer with an old roller shade keeps the con­tents dust­free. A pat­terned self-ad­he­sive vinyl gives a new look to the draw­ers – this comes in all sorts of de­signs, in­clud­ing the graphic paint splat­ters used here.

1Find two draw­ers that fit un­der­neath your bed. When mea­sur­ing their di­men­sions, bear in mind that the draw­ers will have ex­tra height once the wheels are at­tached. Use re­pair plates to con­nect your draw­ers to­gether.

2Screw two of them in place on the back of the draw­ers – be­hind the front piece of wood and on the back of the draw­ers screw the third re­pair plate on the base of the drawer fronts.

3The base of the draw­ers will be too thin to screw the caster wheels into, so use small of­f­cuts of wood to give the drawer base more depth. Glue th­ese in place in the four outer cor­ners of your draw­ers.

4Screw the wheels in place on the un­der­side of the draw­ers. The screws will also keep the wooden blocks in place. To give the draw­ers a more uni­form look and to dis­guise the join be­tween the draw­ers, use a self-ad­he­sive vinyl.

5Mea­sure the drawer front, al­low­ing ex­tra for the vinyl to wrap around the edges, and cut the vinyl to th­ese di­men­sions. It’s very easy to cut in straight lines as most vinyl back­ing pa­pers are printed with a grid.

6Stick the vinyl on lit­tle by lit­tle and smooth it down with the credit card, mak­ing sure you push out any air bub­bles trapped un­der­neath the vinyl. Wrap the vinyl neatly around the cor­ners, clip­ping into the vinyl a lit­tle as nec­es­sary. Cover the sides in the same way.

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