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p1ut It can feel over­whelmin­gov to think about de­vot­ing vot­ing 40 min­utes a day to med­i­ta­tion, or some­times even 10. So don’t your­self offff be­fore you even be­gin. Ev­ery­one yone has one minut minute, so start there. Com­mitCo to spend­ing one minute ev­ery ery day be­ing mind­ful of your breath­ing. Once youu start it it’s amaz­ing how quickly you’ll ll want that to be­come twoo min­utes, or three or mor more. If you can get into a rou­tine with your mind­ful­ness it helps. Pick­ing the same time ev­ery day is a good way to do this. You can also give your­self re­minders. Set an alarm on your phone or put a sticky note where you’ll see it. Try out a mind­ful­ness app – there are many free ones around. Make it easy to de­velop the mind­ful­ness habit and it changes from some­thing you do, to who you are.

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