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It’s easy for women to end up con­stantly putting them­selves at the bot­tom of the list. Ev­ery­one else’s needs come first. But in re­al­ity if lots of peo­ple need you, then you need to be at your best. De­cide to make an in­vest­ment in your­self. What would your best friend think about you tak­ing care of your­self? Would Y5ou they think you’re worth the ef­fort? Then be­come your own best friend and treat your­self with some kind­ness and care. It’s good to get prac­tice in mind­ful­ness, to build up your ur mind­ful mus­cle in the same waywa you’du’d d train a phys­i­cal mus­cle, but you don’t have to al­ways sit with your eyes es closed to med­i­tate. could do the things you nor­mally do – just mind­fully. For r ex­am­ple, clean­ing your teeth, eth, mak­ing a cup of cof­fee, walk­ing, tak­ing a shower, eat­ing and def­i­nitely driv­ing. If we all drove e more mind­fully the roads ads would be a safer place. Julie Hurst is a mind­ful­ness prac­ti­tioner and teacher and Direc­tor of Work Life Bal­ance Cen­tre. For more info visit: work­lifebal­ance­cen­tre.org

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