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Un­cer­tain­ties could be mixed with good news as June opens. An of­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fif­fi­cial set­tle­ment, con­tract or agree­ment could be on the ta­ble by the end of the month, which also fea­tures travel, pass­ports and lib­er­at­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion. So if ini­tially you do fi­fi­fifind your­self feel­ing more se­ri­ous, or lim­ited in some way, know that this phase should soon ease. Re­cently post­poned plans could be resched­uled, per­haps even re­shaped. June be­gins on a re­flflec­tive, quite se­ri­ous note, then the new Moon on the 5th re­minds you of all the bless­ings too. There’s one area of your life that’s alight and bright, and an­other that’s got some ques­tion marks, with an­swers very likely ar­riv­ing at the month end. Things start shap­ing up, with Mer­cury mov­ing for­ward and once you get by a hurdle or of­fif­fif­fi­cial chal­lenge as June opens, you seem to be set to do well with those ad­ven­tur­ous plans that you have in mind. By the month end, there are smiles as you make progress with a re­cently slow mov­ing, or even stuck, sce­nario. The big as­pect this June is the one form­ing be­tween Saturn and Nep­tune. For some this means shed­ding an old pat­tern, stream­lin­ing, per­haps even clear­ing up mat­ters of the past, as “mak­ing peace with the shad­ows” could be a theme, which just might be trig­gered by the un­fold­ing of a new ca­reer or per­sonal chap­ter.


Saturn has a de­lay­ing efffffff­fect in early June, afffffff­fect­ing you through work, fi­fi­fi­fit­ness and sur­round­ings. Noth­ing seems to hap­pen quite as fast as it’s sup­posed to, but try not to fret or stress, as ev­ery­thing looks set to shift when the time is right, later in the month, when plan­ets Jupiter and Pluto form a promis­ing as­pect.

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