Does ap­pear­ance re­ally mat­ter?

Stud­ies re­veal that our ap­pear­ance can im­pact on how oth­ers per­ceive us, but does what you look like re­ally mat­ter?

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The Great De­bate

Mag­a­zine jour­nal­ist, Moira Chisholm, of My Week­ly­weekly, says...

I would love to say that ap­pear­ances don’t mat­ter and none of us are both­ered what any­one else thinks, but it sim­ply isn’t true. If ap­pear­ance didn’t mat­ter to me – and I’m not claim­ing to be Miss World, but I do want to be the best I can be – I would have saved a for­tune on hair dye, slim­ming clubs, new clothes, gym mem­ber­ship, make-up and mois­turiser over the years. Look­ing good makes me feel good, and who doesn’t want that? Would you show up to a job in­ter­view dressed in your old­est clothes, with no make-up and your hair un­washed? No. Why? That’s easy – be­cause you would like to get the job and you want to make a good im­pres­sion on your po­ten­tial em­ployer. You care about what they think about your ap­pear­ance – in fact, it’s some­thing that could count in your favour or be marked against you. And let’s not for­get that be­ing well groomed and dressed gives you con­fi­dence, some­thing you def­i­nitely want more of in an in­ter­view sit­u­a­tion! As I have aged I must ad­mit to car­ing less about what peo­ple

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