Fine Din­ing

Scot­tish chef Mark Greenaway shares his favourite fine din­ing recipes

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SERVES 4 Con­fit Chicken Wings • 500g duck fat • 8 chicken wings • 6 sprigs thyme (finely chopped) • sea salt 1 Pre­heat oven to 120ºc. Melt the fat and sea­son the wings with salt and thyme. Place the wings into a casse­role dish and cover them with the fat. Cook for 3 hours. 3 Drain the chicken wings. Cut a small in­ci­sion in the end of each wing. Twist and pull out the thin­ner of the 2 bones. Trim off any loose bits of fat or sinew. Push the meat down to the end of the bone.

Con­fit Car­rots • 150g but­ter • 4 baby car­rots • 1 clove gar­lic (crushed) • 3 sprigs thyme • 1 or­ange (zest of ) Melt but­ter in a pan. Add in­gre­di­ents and sim­mer gently for 11 min­utes.

Car­rot Rib­bons • 1 car­rot (peeled) Us­ing a peeler, cut 8 strips of car­rot length­ways. Cut to 3cm x 12cm. Pour boil­ing water over the rib­bons and al­low to cool. Roasted Monk­fish • 1 monk­fish tail (600g) • rape­seed oil (driz­zle of ) • sea salt (pinch of ) • 30g but­ter • ½ lemon (juice of ) 1 Heat up a pan un­til al­most smok­ing hot, add a driz­zle of rape­seed oil. Place the monk­fish in the pan, add a sprin­kle of salt and turn the fish over. Add the but­ter and lemon juice and baste the fish. 2 Take the pan off the heat, turn the fish over and al­low it to fin­ish cook­ing in the resid­ual heat.

Fen­nel & Dill Purée • 75g but­ter • 2 bulbs fen­nel (thinly sliced) • 3 shal­lots (diced) • 300ml milk • 300ml dou­ble cream • 75g dill (finely chopped) • sea salt 1 Melt but­ter in a pan and add the shal­lots and fen­nel. Sweat for 30 min­utes on a low heat un­til the fen­nel is cooked. 2 Add the milk and cream and sim­mer for 15 min­utes. Blend, then add dill and blend again. Pass through a fine chi­nois. Sea­son with salt. Keep warm un­til needed.

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