“I’m not sure if the pub­lic wanted me back”

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How does it feel to be back on the show?

It feels re­ally right to be back at this time, it feels good. Si­mon said he wanted the show to be back to the way it was, small au­di­tion rooms, he wanted ev­ery­one to have fun. We want to take it se­ri­ously but at the same time en­joy what we’re do­ing and have fun on cam­era and off air too.

Did you have any reser­va­tions about com­ing back?

I didn’t have any reser­va­tions about do­ing the show but just about com­ing back to Eng­land and whether peo­ple re­ally wanted me here or not. I just won­dered whether it’s re­ally right, whether I am wanted by the pub­lic, not by Si­mon or the network. I have not seen the show while I have been away, so I am com­ing back to it with fresh eyes.

You have al­ways had a love/hate re­la­tion­ship with Si­mon, how are you two get­ting on?

It’s been re­ally great. It’s been bet­ter than I thought it would have ever been, re­ally. It’s been 13 years, that’s a long time since the be­gin­ning of this show. It’s great to see how we’ve all changed, but changed for the bet­ter.

How has Si­mon changed since you last worked with him?

For me he’s back to the Si­mon who laughs a lot. He’s got a very naughty sense of hu­mour, he’s so funny. He’s not so up­tight about ev­ery­thing. You know, I get it, he’s got huge re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, it’s his show, his pro­duc­tion com­pany, ev­ery­thing, so he’s got huge re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. But I think be­cause we’re 13 years down the line, he’s much more re­laxed about it, which is nice, for him and for us! Fa­ther­hood has changed him in a re­ally nice, cool, way. He’s a re­ally cool guy.

Can fans still ex­pect you two to fight?

Yeah of course, be­cause I am older than him! I can tell him what to do, he can’t take that off oth­ers. He’s had some gor­geous women on the panel but no one has been in that po­si­tion where they are older and can say, ‘No!’. He ac­cepts it from me.

Is part of the suc­cess of this panel that you’re all not afraid to stand up to Si­mon?

I think so, you’ve got the three of us back to­gether and then Ni­cole, she’s al­ways been a friend of mine. Si­mon’s worked with her in Amer­ica, Louis’ worked with her, so she’s an old friend to ev­ery­one. It re­ally works.

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