The Med­i­cal Rev­o­lu­tion­ary


Dr Mar­garet Anne Craig from La­nark­shire pi­o­neered a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new prod­uct for re­pair­ing the heart. She splits her time between Scot­land and Ja­pan, while bal­anc­ing motherhood. I have al­ways worked very hard, that came from my Dad. I stud­ied for 12 years to get my de­gree, Masters and PHD. Dur­ing that time, I had my first child. I wanted to work part-time, but there were few jobs avail­able. So I took a low paid tech­ni­cal job as it al­lowed me to be at home with the kids. I was try­ing to get pro­moted which was very dif­fi­cult. You get frus­trated be­cause you go through school to get qual­i­fi­ca­tions, and by your late 20s it could all be lost. When my youngest daugh­ter was four, I was in­ter­viewed for a full-time post. I knew I was highly qual­i­fied for it, but I was told that be­cause my hus­band was work­ing, they gave the job to a man who was just mar­ried as he “needed to sup­port his wife”. I’ve en­coun­tered that a cou­ple of times. I felt as though my 12 years of study­ing wasn’t worth it and con­sid­ered giv­ing up. But then the Uni­ver­sity of Glas­gow be­came in­ter­ested in re­de­vel­op­ing stem cell tech­nolo­gies and it re­ceived fund­ing, so I was asked on board. Af­ter that, we gained more in­vest­ment and set up Clyde Bio­sciences in 2012 and I be­came CEO. As a woman, I have felt I have had to work harder than the men in the board­room. I con­stantly felt like I had to prove my­self. It’s like peo­ple are wait­ing for you to fail. Some men love work­ing with women, and oth­ers don’t. Some­one once said to me ‘I have a prob­lem work­ing with you and that’s be­cause you are fe­male’. In the board­room, sur­rounded by men in a pack, I felt so iso­lated as a fe­male. I’ve had a bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence in the board­rooms of Ja­pan than in Scot­land. Now I need to get some work-life bal­ance back. It’s been a sac­ri­fice for my fam­ily the last few years. I gave up lots of week­ends. Now I am based at home and trav­el­ling and this is the first week in four years that I have made my daugh­ter’s din­ner three nights in a row. Now I want to not feel like I have to prove my­self.

‘As a woman, I’ve felt I had to work harder than the men in the board­room.’

Top, Ben de Lisi, £40, dress, The Col­lec­tion, £35, all at Deben­hams. Hair and make-up: Gemma Korn.

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