1in4 have been dis­crim­i­nated against be­cause of age

“I feel that if you are of child-bear­ing age and mar­ried, that em­ploy­ers won’t con­sider you for pro­mo­tion. I’m cur­rently in this sit­u­a­tion and the other per­son go­ing for the job is in nei­ther of these cat­e­gories and it’s been made known she is ear-marked for the job.”

“I’ve been made re­dun­dant twice over the last year and be­ing 27-29 years old whilst look­ing for new jobs, I did feel that my age and be­ing fe­male might hold peo­ple back from em­ploy­ing me. A lot of peo­ple said that if it came down to it, and I had same skills as a man, I wouldn’t get the job purely be­cause I could be­come a mother in near future. I was asked age/mar­i­tal sta­tus/ if I had chil­dren in a re­cent job in­ter­view, which I wasn’t happy about but I did end up get­ting of­fered the job.”

“I work in an all-fe­male en­vi­ron­ment and se­nior roles can be achieved but I do feel there is age dis­crim­i­na­tion - younger less ex­pe­ri­enced staff achieve roles more than older staff mem­bers.”

15% have been asked about their plans to have chil­dren in an in­ter­view

“Misog­yny and the old boys network seems to be ris­ing rather than de­creas­ing. Schools are set­ting ex­pec­ta­tions with gen­der slant – older women in the work­place ap­pear to be viewed with ut­ter dis­re­spect.”

“I’m a ma­ture fe­male em­ployee, I’m still am­bi­tious, hard-work­ing and although I may only have an­other 8 or 9 years to work, why should it pre­vent me ei­ther ad­vanc­ing in my ca­reer or mov­ing jobs? I feel it does though be­cause of my age. On pa­per it’s ob­vi­ous how old I am, yet if you met me, I still have lots to of­fer and look young for my age. I wish em­ploy­ers would see be­yond our age.... they don’t I’m afraid.... even though they claim they do!”

“I feel once you hit 50 you’re re­garded as too old and not glam enough for cer­tain work.”

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