1in4 have ex­pe­ri­enced sex­ual ha­rass­ment in the work­place 52% be­lieve it’s dif­fi­cult for women to achieve a se­nior role 1in5 have been turned down for a job be­cause they are fe­male

20% have ex­pe­ri­enced in­ap­pro­pri­ate phys­i­cal con­tact in the work­place

You told us...

“(It’s an­noy­ing) how women in lead­er­ship roles are per­ceived in the work­place ver­sus men i.e. men are seen as ‘tak­ing charge’ whereas women are ‘bossy’.”

“I am cabin crew and we are ex­pected to have nails and make-up done, sky-high heels and red lip­stick on at all times. That alone means we earn less than our male coun­ter­parts as we need to buy all this. My feet are in con­stant pain and my lips and nails are dry. I love make-up and nice shoes but I also like get­ting to choose when to wear them.”

“As long as there is a pay gap based on gen­der, the govern­ment is con­don­ing dis­crim­i­na­tion against women.”

“I work in a male-dom­i­nated work­place, some think noth­ing of com­ment­ing on your ap­pear­ance, good or bad. They think that they can hug or touch you. I’ve not reported it but I’ve had to put peo­ple in their place.”

“In the of­fice my man­ager would ask me to pho­to­copy or send emails over my male col­league in the same role.”

“A pre­vi­ous boss told me I had got the job be­cause of my big boobs and smile.”

“When I was 16 I was con­stantly ha­rassed by my boss and his col­leagues who would de­lib­er­ately em­bar­rass me. They’d call me into the of­fice and ask if I could sew then one would take off their trousers and ask me to stitch a hem that had been de­lib­er­ately pulled know­ing that it would make me blush. They would all have a great laugh, not a nice thing to do to a 16 year old girl.”

“I have been sub­ject to sex­ual com­ments in the work­place, and felt that I couldn’t re­port it be­cause it came from a man­ager, and I felt I would not be taken se­ri­ously and that it may dam­age my rep­u­ta­tion.”

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