Fi­nally embracing di­ver­sity?

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Now that the beauty in­dus­try has slowly be­gun to cater to a wider range of skin tones and ages, are they fi­nally start­ing to recog­nise that there is not just one stan­dard of beauty, and that real beauty can­not be pi­geon­holed? One of the top brands en­cour­ag­ing di­verse beauty is Bri­tish brand Il­la­masqua. Not only does it of­fer one of the most ex­ten­sive ranges of foun­da­tion shades avail­able, from the palest to the dark­est tones, they also pro­mote un­con­ven­tional beauty in all of their cam­paigns. Their founder, Ju­lian Ky­nas­ton says, “We are for any­one and ev­ery­one, we cel­e­brate beauty across such a wide spec­trum and we never want any one spe­cific de­mo­graphic of peo­ple to feel alien­ated. I would love to see a move away from the ‘generic dic­ta­tion’ of what beauty should look like. I be­lieve this is slowly com­ing into play and we need to keep re­in­forc­ing the mes­sage that we are all beau­ti­ful and all have the right to cel­e­brate it how­ever we choose to.” Per­haps in the com­ing years the mar­ket will ex­pand even more, fol­low­ing the ethos of brands like Il­la­masqua, and we’ll find that the beauty in­dus­try is open to ev­ery­one.

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