Ni­cole: “I’m sassy but I mean busi­ness”

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Are you en­joy­ing be­ing back?

It feels like home sweet home. Ob­vi­ously me, Sharon and Louis were to­gether on our last sea­son. I haven’t been on a show with Si­mon in a few years and he’s re­ally awe­some, he’s not as scary as I re­mem­ber! It’s a great feel­ing on the panel, a re­ally nat­u­ral, fam­ily, homey vibe – noth­ing is forced.

How did Si­mon con­vince you to come back to the show?

How did Si­mon con­vince me to come back? I made him sell his soul to the devil! Only jok­ing, no, I missed the UK and love my job as a men­tor on the show. He said he wanted to have fun this year, so I was like, ‘Al­right, sign me up!’.

You’ve never done a full se­ries with Si­mon on the UK show, what’s he like?

I think ever since he be­came a dad he’s soft­ened up a lot. I feel like his cri­tiques are very hon­est, very Si­mon, no non­sense, he won’t beat around the bush, he’ll get straight to it. But at the same time he feels peo­ple, he’s quite sen­si­tive, he knows how to han­dle cer­tain peo­ple.

You’ve got a close bond with Sharon, why is that?

She’s the queen and I have noth­ing but the ut­most respect for her. She’s been there for me from the be­gin­ning. I don’t know if many peo­ple know this but I was a part of her Judge’s House about 10 years ago, when I was just start­ing out in the Pussy­cat Dolls. She’s such a mama, she re­ally takes you un­der her wing and takes care of you. We had such a tight bond on our last sea­son to­gether, we would have Sun­day din­ners ev­ery sin­gle week. I just love her, she’s so nur­tur­ing yet she’s balls to the wall.

How do you think this panel com­pares to pre­vi­ous years?

I can’t com­ment on any other panel be­cause I wasn’t a part of it. I can imag­ine it was awe­some and had great en­ergy. But I can only speak on my own ex­pe­ri­ence, and for me I’m honoured to be a part of this panel be­cause I know Si­mon, Louis and Mrs O are the orig­i­nals, the ti­tans of The X Fac­tor. They started it, just the three of them. So for them to want me to be the fourth judge is a real hon­our.

A lot might be made of the age of the panel this year as it’s much older than last year, what im­pact do you think that has?

That’s awe­some, look how glo­ri­ous we all look! I don’t think the panel is too old, I mean, you have me and I’m Sch-amaze to the balls! Si­mon in­vented this, Mrs O is the queen of rock and roll and Lou Lou has been do­ing this for­ever, so I think ex­pe­ri­ence speaks for it­self. I think it’s hard when you’re try­ing to make a new start and dis­cover things, just blos­som­ing and haven’t ex­pe­ri­enced life your­self, you’re still try­ing to fig­ure it out – so how are you go­ing to men­tor some­one else who hasn’t even gone through life enough?

There’s one per­son who owes his ca­reer to you, Ry­lan... He’s back this year!

When he told me I was like, ‘Well what cut am I get­ting?!’ Jok­ing! I’m so proud of him. I see his face all over the TV and that just goes to show, giv­ing credit to the show, that it’s not just about hav­ing the best singing voice but hav­ing some kind of star qual­ity.

Are you go­ing to be naughty on the live shows see­ing as Si­mon can’t edit you?

I mean, I’m a classy but sassy doll here. It’s go­ing to be fun, I think Mrs O, she’s the mama, she’s go­ing to take charge of that stuff.

How much do you want to win?

How much do I want to win? I want to say that win­ning doesn’t mat­ter but I’m the most com­pet­i­tive per­son you will ever meet. So watch your back Si­mon Cow­ell! I al­ways say that it’s not about win­ning, but I am so de­tailed with ev­ery­thing I do so when­ever I have my con­tes­tants I dot ev­ery I and cross ev­ery T, I just want to make sure ev­ery­thing is at its best, oth­er­wise what are we do­ing? We’re wast­ing our time and we don’t do that, we’re al­ways look­ing for great­ness.

“Ry­lan proves the show is not just about singing”

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