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Stop rub­bing

If you’ve got some strappy heels that re­ally chafe or even just find that the edges of your shoes rub against your skin caus­ing blis­ters, try ap­ply­ing clear de­odor­ant to that sec­tion of the shoe. It should min­imise the rub­bing.

Break them in

If you have a pair of shoes that you’re sure would be comfy if only you had more time to break them in, then you’re in luck as there’s a se­cret way to speed up the process. Sim­ply use a hairdryer on a thick pair of socks for two min­utes, then quickly slip them on and put on your new shoes. Next, walk around the house for a while and the shoes should quickly ex­pand slightly.

Strap up

Want to know a trick used by celebs who have to stand around at award do’s in su­per high heels? They strap two of their toes. To get the ben­e­fit, you have to tie your third and fourth toe to­gether as there is a nerve in the foot that makes your feet ache, and by strap­ping these two toes to­gether with tape you can al­le­vi­ate the pres­sure on the nerve!

Ban­ish blis­ters

Who doesn’t have a pair of shoes they love but can’t bear to wear for very long be­cause the back of their an­kles end up red raw? That’s why you should in­vest in some heel lin­ers. They’ll lessen the fric­tion so you can still wear your fave shoes but not be left with un­sightly seep­ing blis­ters!

Shop later in the day

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of shoes, go shop­ping later in the af­ter­noon or early even­ing. This is when your feet will be the most swollen, so you’ll have a bet­ter idea of how the shoes will re­ally feel af­ter you’ve worn them for an hour or so.

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