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Chat all things body con­fi­dence as we en­ter the new year...

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ac­tu­ally get out to a class, as you can do it at home. I al­ways say, don’t ever go on a diet – just eat healthily. The minute you say you’re on a diet, you’re re­strict­ing your­self and mak­ing your­self feel stressed about it.

Some women can feel pres­sured to look good or look a cer­tain way – what ad­vice can you give them to help them over­come this? I have to say, I’m glad I wasn’t grow­ing up now. I just think it’s so sad that peo­ple feel the need to put a selfie out there with a mil­lion dif­fer­ent fil­ters on it or that they see these im­ages of women on TV – it’s ab­so­lutely nuts that peo­ple feel they have to look like that. I just think, be your­self and be who you are. Never feel un­der pres­sure to look a cer­tain way be­cause let me as­sure you, when you see those im­ages of Kim Kar­dashian – she doesn’t look like that! She’s been air­brushed within an inch of her life, I’m nam­ing her but there are lots of celebrities out there who do it. I don’t be­lieve in it and I haven’t had it done. Don’t com­pare your­self to an air­brushed im­age.

How does it feel to be one of the most suc­cess­ful TV pre­sen­ters in Bri­tain? Oh gosh, I don’t think I am! I just feel very lucky and I’m do­ing a job that I love. It just hap­pens to be a job that’s on the telly. I left school and then worked for local news­pa­per and af­ter that I got in­cred­i­bly lucky that I found my niche. I found a type of tele­vi­sion that re­ally suited me. Do­ing a show like mine, a mag­a­zine show, where you’re cov­er­ing lots of top­ics – I re­ally like that va­ri­ety.

What do you think has been the key to your suc­cess? I would say I looked for the right time and I found a job that re­ally suited me. But you have to put the graft in. You re­ally do have to work hard – even to this day I al­ways do my home­work. You might only be talk­ing to some­one for five min­utes but in that five min­utes you can re­ally slip up, so I’ll spend the night be­fore swot­ting up on that per­son. Prepa­ra­tion is a huge key in my role. I also never ever take my job for granted – if you don’t put the work in then you’ll get found out.

How do you deal with any crit­i­cism you face? I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t ac­tu­ally face much of that and if I have it’s maybe some­thing that’s been out with my con­trol. I’m a firm be­liever that if you make a mis­take, you should just own up to it and move on. It’s a shame that out of all the nice com­ments you see, you can see one hor­ri­ble thing and that’s the one you’ll re­mem­ber. To be hon­est, it’s part of the par­cel that you’ll face some neg­a­tiv­ity. If you ever face any nasti­ness on­line just mute them and then that per­son is rant­ing in an empty room.

What’s your top tip for con­fi­dent dress­ing? I hon­estly think now, women can wear what­ever they like be­cause things have changed quite dra­mat­i­cally from what they used to be. Some­one in their 50s no longer needs to wear a huge coat and comfy shoes. Nowa­days we’re liv­ing longer and we’re look­ing bet­ter so lets show it off! Con­fi­dence re­ally comes from the in­side – so take care of your­self. Live a healthy life­style but don’t deny your­self of any­thing that makes you happy.

What would you say has been your big­gest fash­ion faux pas? Oh, how long have you got?! I would say the whole of the 80s would prob­a­bly be a fash­ion faux pas for me – those years were bad. Do you like ex­per­i­ment­ing with your look? I think when I’m on air I’m rea­son­ably safe. Re­cently I’ve been wear­ing dresses with­out sleeves, which is re­mark­able for me be­cause I would never have done that in my 20s, 30s or 40s. If I didn’t do the job that I do then I wouldn’t wear the clothes I do be­cause I just like to be comfy. But nowa­days high street stores ac­com­mo­date ev­ery­one, which is amaz­ing – I shop in stores like Mango or Top­shop.

What do you have com­ing up in 2017 for us to look for­ward to? I’m just go­ing to con­tinue en­joy­ing what I do be­cause that’s re­ally worked out for me re­cently!

Lorraine says she feels more body con­fi­dent than ever be­fore.

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