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This is of course your time, although in some ways you seem to be wait­ing in the wings for things to hap­pen, thanks to the ret­ro­grade of Mer­cury, who re­turns at last to Capri­corn on the 12th, mark­ing com­ple­tion and fairly soon af­ter­wards, the re­turn of some­one who’s been ab­sent over the fes­tive pe­riod.

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2017 be­gins with a pos­si­ble en­ergy dip, so if you can man­age time off to recharge then take it. There may be chal­lenges to reach cer­tain tar­gets be­fore mid-jan­uary, but you will get there, per­haps with a lit­tle help from your friends, as there’s kind­ness in the air. Jan­uary 28th marks your true, re­vi­tal­is­ing new year! There’s a sparkling al­liance of plan­ets in your sign just now, and a tide turn­ing full Moon com­ing on the 12th, with a mag­i­cal sense of some­thing you’ve wished for com­ing to fruition rather nicely. Luck is with you through the warmth of oth­ers and for some Pis­ceans, there are sur­prises from afar to make Jan­uary mem­o­rable. The rev­o­lu­tion­ary in­flu­ence of planet Uranus is alight as 2017 opens with you res­o­lute about what you must do dif­fer­ently to achieve what you most crave. Fears will be faced as you tackle what you’ve been putting off. Around the 12th plans come to­gether for that all new, long awaited chap­ter. Late Jan­uary brings high en­ergy.

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