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It's no se­cret that there's just no way to well and truly erad­i­cate the signs of age­ing, but you can eat your way to younger look­ing skin. And whilst it's great news that you can use your diet to im­prove your skin, what you eat could also have a very dam­ag­ing ef­fect. So if you're keen to achieve a flaw­less com­plex­ion, you should be care­fully mon­i­tor­ing what you are putting into your body. Here, No.1 re­veal which foods could be ru­in­ing your skin...

Spinach: Toma­toes:

Rich in an­tiox­i­dants. Source of ly­copene (an anti-age­ing an­tiox­i­dant. Con­tain nu­tri­ents such as omega-3 fatty acids and vi­ta­min E.

Wal­nuts: AL­CO­HOL

CAUSES: Spots and acne. WHY: Ap­par­ently, dairy is one of the worst spot-causers, be­cause it con­tains a hor­mone known as IGF-1. This is thought to clog pores, in­crease oil pro­duc­tion and cause acne. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Try cut­ting out milk and dairy prod­ucts from your diet for 90 days, and switch to soya milk or co­conut milk or drink wa­ter. CAUSES: Dry skin, puffi­ness, rosacea and cel­lulite. WHY: Con­sum­ing al­co­hol de­hy­drates your body and skin; it also re­duces the amount of vi­ta­mins and nu­tri­ents in your skin. Drink­ing too much al­co­hol over time can have more per­ma­nent ef­fects on your skin, in­clud­ing rosacea, ac­cord­ing to Drink Aware. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Cut down on al­co­hol; drink less than the max­i­mum of 14 units a week and drink plenty of wa­ter on the days you are drink­ing al­co­hol.


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