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We take a look at which foods could be caus­ing is­sues...

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Drink­ing a suf­fi­cient amount of wa­ter is vi­tal for over­all good health, but did you know it can work won­ders on your skin too? Try drink­ing six to eight glasses per day. CAUSES: Age­ing and fine lines. WHY: It was re­ported in 2013 that eat­ing a packet of crisps a day was like “drink­ing five litres of cook­ing oil in a year”. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Cut them out al­to­gether or opt for baked al­ter­na­tives.


CAUSES: Dry skin and wrin­kles. WHY: Like fast food, it con­tains trans fats which de­plete hy­dra­tion. Mar­garine is also syn­thetic and laden with ad­di­tives. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Switch to but­ter.


CAUSES: Acne and age­ing. WHY: A 2013 study found a con­nec­tion be­tween choco­late and skin changes lead­ing to acne. Re­search linked choco­late to en­cour­ag­ing bac­te­rial in­fec­tion, which makes acne worse. Also, it was con­cluded that the higher amount of sugar you con­sume, the older you look. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Cut back on choco­late to no­tice a dif­fer­ence, or switch to dark choco­late.


CAUSES: In­flam­ma­tion. WHY: You may think that choos­ing a few glasses of fruit juice and a big smoothie each day is you be­ing health con­scious, but it could be hav­ing a neg­a­tive ef­fect on your skin. Juices and smooth­ies con­tain a lot of nat­u­ral sugar, so your 'healthy op­tion' could ac­tu­ally con­tain more sugar than a bar of choco­late. And whilst nat­u­ral sugar is of course bet­ter for you than the re­fined al­ter­na­tive, if you're drink­ing juices and smooth­ies to ex­cess, it will im­pact your skin. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Have a smoothie just a cou­ple of times a week max and drink wa­ter the rest of the time.


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