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Did you know that peo­ple in the UK suf­fer 300,000 frac­tures each year? Your bones are at their peak bone mass in your late twen­ties, but af­ter your 40s, your bone health starts to de­cline, and this can lead to os­teo­poro­sis. How­ever, you can fu­ture-proof your bones by drink­ing a pint of milk every day or tak­ing around 700mg of cal­cium. Other ways in­clude; avoid drink­ing coke (as the acid in fizzy drinks af­fects the body’s abil­ity to ab­sorb cal­cium; drink tea (a study found those who drink tea are less likely to suf­fer a hip frac­ture); keep a healthy weight for your height; eat more pulses; drink less al­co­hol; and in your 60s, in­crease your cal­cium in­take to 1,300mg.

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