37 Clean­ing Hacks for women who have bet­ter things to do...

Re­claim your life and belt through your house­work!

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There’s noth­ing worse than when you no­tice a wa­ter ring on your wooden table, but did you know that a quick blast with a hairdryer and a slick with olive oil will ren­der it good as new?

Cit­rus fruits work in­cred­i­bly well as nat­u­ral clean­ing aids. Use grape­fruit to re­move stains from taps and sinks.

Many a good vac­uum cleaner has been de­stroyed by pet hair, it re­ally is the bane of any pet owner’s life! A good way to lift hair from couches or car­pets is by pop­ping on a pair of rub­ber gloves and drag­ging your palm across the sur­face. Then dip your hands in a bucket of wa­ter to re­move the hair and start again.

Did you know that a most pop­u­lar fizzy drink can be used as a cleaner? Use Coke on un­sightly loo stains, it will be sparkling in no time! Ex­fo­li­at­ing gloves are a great way to groom a pet with­out a brush, of­ten the gloves will catch more loose hair than a brush and are more gen­tle too.

To re­move nail var­nish from a car­pet or piece of cloth­ing, blot off the ex­cess then ap­ply a lit­tle rub­bing al­co­hol to the mark – then scrub as though your life de­pended on it! If you have a lip­stick stain on a piece of cloth­ing spray the area with hair­spray. Leave for 10 min­utes then wash.

Re­move dust from fab­ric lamps and blinds with a lint roller. 10 Have you got your­self some rub­bing al­co­hol? It only costs a cou­ple of quid and should be an es­sen­tial in any clean­ing cup­board! It’s great for clean­ing mi­crofi­bre fur­nish­ings. Sim­ply pour some into a spray bot­tle and spray the fab­ric, then wipe with a clean (dye-free) cloth.

If you smash a glass use a slice of bread to col­lect those pesky hard-to-see frag­ments.

Dirty make-up brushes can cause spots. Clean your brushes reg­u­larly with baby sham­poo then hang up to dry! Grimy shower heads are rather un­sightly, an easy way to get them spick and span is to fill a bag with vine­gar and sub­merse the shower head in it. Tie the bag and leave for 20 min­utes. Then give it a quick wipe.

Don’t waste hours scrub­bing burned pans. Sim­ply fill half full with wa­ter and a good squirt of Fairy Liq­uid, then bring to the boil. Leave for five min­utes and we bet it comes off su­per easy!

If you pop some balled up news­pa­per in your fridge it will ab­sorb stinky smells.

Are you dec­o­rat­ing? Line a paint-tray with foil to save clean­ing it. Just pull up the lin­ing and bin, leav­ing your tray spot­lessly clean!

Spray WD-40 on steel ap­pli­ances and pol­ish to make them shine.

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