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Bad hair­cut? Thin­ning? Dam­age from bleach­ing? If you’re af­ter longer locks in a hurry look no fur­ther...

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If pa­tience is not your strong point when it comes to grow­ing your hair, we feel your pain. As the av­er­age hair growth is only about half an inch per month, we know how frus­trat­ing it is when all you want is an ex­tra cou­ple of inches. So check out these tips and tricks to speed up your hair growth.


Sham­poo­ing your hair too fre­quently can wash away the scalp’s nat­u­ral oils and dry your hair out, these oils travel from your scalp to the bot­tom of your hair keep­ing it hy­drated and healthy. Try to cut back your sham­poo­ing and go for an ab­so­lute max­i­mum of four washes a week, less if you can bear it. And when you do wash your hair, make sure you’re us­ing a good con­di­tioner, even if you have nat­u­rally greasy hair. Us­ing con­di­tioner helps seal the cu­ti­cles to stop dam­age so your hair will be health­ier and less likely to break. And an ex­tra tip; be­fore get­ting out the shower rinse your hair with cold wa­ter, (yes, not much fun in win­ter) but it will help seal your hair cu­ti­cles so that it looks shinier for longer. Ja­maican Black Cas­tor Oil Strengthen & Re­store Sham­poo, Boots £12.99


You’ve prob­a­bly heard this a mil­lion times when you’re try­ing to grow your hair, but you may have found it hard to be­lieve. How­ever, it’s true – get­ting a trim ev­ery six-eight weeks rids you of split ends which will in turn stop your hair break­ing. So if you’ve felt like your hair reaches a length and just stops grow­ing, it may ac­tu­ally just be that it’s break­ing!


Not only does this feel great it will also help with hair growth. Mas­sag­ing the scalp will in­crease blood flow and al­low nu­tri­ents to reach your hair fol­li­cles faster. Here’s an idea... ask your part­ner or a friend to give you a scalp massage and then you can swap and re­turn the favour – you’ll both have longer hair in no time!


Whilst we reg­u­larly use masks and mois­turiser on our faces, we of­ten for­get about our hair. But make time to give your locks a re­ally good treat­ment that will re­plen­ish the hair and give it a se­ri­ous mois­ture boost. Do this weekly and watch your hair thank you by grow­ing!


We know this is eas­ier said than done, but lim­it­ing the stress in your life will help with hair growth and thick­ness. This is be­cause stress causes a con­stric­tion of blood ves­sels which de­prives your hair of the oxy­gen it needs to grow and be healthy. So if you’re se­ri­ous about in­creas­ing your hair growth (and im­prov­ing your life in gen­eral) take a look at your life­style and try to cut back on some stress.


Silk pil­low­cases are much softer on your hair and will cause the hair to knot less whilst you sleep, which in turn will re­duce break­age.


Try to let your hair air dry as of­ten as pos­si­ble. If your hair is just too un­ruly to air-dry and then go, let your hair dry nat­u­rally un­til it’s at least 80 per cent dry be­fore us­ing heat prod­ucts on it. That’s be­cause, un­sur­pris­ingly, too much heat will leave hair fraz­zled and far more prone to break­ing. Think how painful it is when you ac­ci­den­tally touch your straight­en­ers, your fin­ger will burn and blis­ter. Now imag­ine what you’re do­ing to your hair!


Brush­ing the ends of your hair be­fore the roots saves you brush­ing tan­gles and knots down to the bot­tom of your hair and then break­ing off. Us­ing a tan­gle teaser, boar bris­tle brush or comb is ideal for this job but be very care­ful when the hair is wet as it’s even more prone to break­age then.


Giv­ing your hair a rub down with a towel af­ter wash­ing is ac­tu­ally not good for your hair at all be­cause the rough tex­ture of tow­elling can cause your frag­ile strands to break. In­stead, try a mi­crofi­bre towel or, if you’re in a bind, even an old t-shirt is bet­ter for your hair than a towel!

1in 5 women over 25 in the UK are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing hair loss/thin­ning.

90% of your hair grows at a time, 10% is in a rest­ing phase.

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of women will no­tice some hair thin­ning by age 60. Grow Gor­geous Hair Growth Serum In­tense, Boots 80%

100 is the num­ber of hairs most peo­ple will lose in a day.

50% of women suf­fer hair thin­ning/loss dur­ing preg­nancy.

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