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Your as­tro­log­i­cal guide from 24th Aug - 27th Sept

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Virgo Aug 24th - Sept 22nd

Fi­nally, it’s your time, Virgo and it’s quite a month, with Mars stir­ring you to go af­ter some­thing you feel pas­sion­ately about from the 5th, when a full Moon could see you stand­ing up to be counted per­haps for oth­ers. It’s a month for un­ex­pected moves and job of­fers, and per­haps also for vis­i­tors from afar. Call 09044 705705 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Capri­corn Dec 21st - Jan 20th

Looks like Septem­ber will find you or even some­one close to you open­ing new doors, fly­ing higher, tak­ing a step in a longed for di­rec­tion at work, or else you’ll be get­ting on top of a sit­u­a­tion that’s weighed you down. From the 14th of the month a de­lay could end, and your wings will be un­clipped. Call 09044 705709 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Tau­rus April 20th - May 20th

Dur­ing this month it seems there is a lot of em­pha­sis on shap­ing life bet­ter, on the heels of what is a phase of re­al­i­sa­tions about who you are and about what you most want out of life. Ob­ser­va­tions of what oth­ers are go­ing through seems to be fir­ing you to go af­ter what’ll make your heart sing. Call 09044 705701 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Li­bra Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd

Un­til the Sun finds your sign at Equinox, on the evening of the 22nd, you ben­e­fit from tak­ing time out for catch­ing up with your­self, whether that’s recharg­ing the bat­ter­ies or pre­par­ing for some­thing new, ex­cit­ing and ad­ven­tur­ous that’s up­com­ing. Looks like a sac­ri­fice will be made, but it’ll feel worth­while. Call 09044 705706 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Aquar­ius Jan 21st - Feb 18th

Part­ner­ships are still un­der the rays of the re­cent eclipse, with fi­nan­cial ar­range­ments and busi­ness ties prom­i­nent for many an Aquar­ian around the 5th Septem­ber. Much seems to be in the melt­ing pot and it is good to have ex­pert ad­vice through cur­rent changes, but that hoped for jour­ney should hap­pen. Call 09044 705710 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Gem­ini May 21st - June 20th

You’re see­ing life dif­fer­ently on the heels of a so­lar eclipse, think­ing of fresh starts and new sched­ules. It might feel a lit­tle bit daunt­ing, to be­gin with, as you dare to set your­self free in some sense, yet from the mid­dle of the month your wings will feel stronger and you’ll re­alise they were meant to fly. Call 09044 705702 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Scor­pio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd

You could be con­tem­plat­ing break­ing away from some­thing con­stric­tive to make more of an in­de­pen­dent state­ment, pos­si­bly through your work, and in prepa­ra­tion for that time, which may hap­pen in stages, there could be a lot of ground­work or net­work­ing to do. Skilled, tal­ented friends could play a big part. Call 09044 705707 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Pisces Feb 19th - March 20th

Dur­ing the month of Septem­ber the plan­e­tary fo­cus is on sig­nif­i­cant “oth­ers”, and this is a good time to be part of a “we” not just a “me”, so it is time to take your­self out of your com­fort zone here and there and dare to push your­self a lit­tle as you could re­ally come up trumps when you least ex­pect to. Call 09044 705711 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Can­cer June 21st - July 22nd

Well the say­ing is “No pain, no gain”, and Septem­ber could re­mind you of that as in or­der to make a planned change, you seem to have a foot in two camps, or you are tak­ing a real leap of faith. The more thor­ough your prepa­ra­tions are dur­ing this pe­ri­odd then the bet­ter this new chap­ter will work. Call 09044 705703 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Sagit­tar­ius Nov 23rd - Dec 20th

This feels like a launch­pad month, as Mars touches off your ca­reer and des­tiny point from the 5th, just as Mer­cury goes for­ward at a sen­si­tive point, mak­ing sure your life is far from “or­di­nary”. It’s all about lib­er­a­tion and about chal­leng­ing your­self, stretch­ing your­self and per­haps en­ter­ing a new arena. Call 09044 705708 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Aries March 21st - April 19th

It seems that it’s time for a change around one key in­volve­ment. It could be that you’re mov­ing into a new arena at work, with the in­cred­i­bly sig­nif­i­cant date of 5th Septem­ber mark­ing the end of an un­cer­tain, un­set­tled phase, fol­lowed by more se­cu­rity com­ing, per­haps with a big break­through. Call 09044 705700 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Leo July 23rd - Au­gust 23rd

Au­gust’s eclipse could well have set you on a new path which means Septem­ber sees a host of dy­namic plans swing­ing into place. Ca­reer minded Leos are likely to find their ini­tia­tives work­ing well, es­pe­cially af­ter the 5th. Jupiter’s get­ting your name known now, so your star looks set to rise! Call 09044 705704 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

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