Your eye make-up can make or break your look, so avoid mis­takes!

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One thing I’ve learned over the years is that good lashes can not only make you look years younger, but can open up your whole face. But bad lashes have a ter­ri­bly neg­a­tive ef­fect too. Avoid lash mishaps by try­ing out these tips...

Use a spoon

If you find you of­ten end up with mas­cara smudges on your lids when ap­ply­ing, (those with hooded eyes will find it par­tic­u­larly tricky to avoid smudges) use a spoon. Sim­ply rest the spoon on your eye­lid, with the side pressed right down be­hind your lashes and ap­ply your mas­cara. The spoon will catch any smudges. It works on the lower lashes too.

Add saline

All mas­caras dry out with time, but when your mas­cara seems too far gone and you’re ready to chuck it, try adding a cou­ple of drops of saline first – this will buy you a cou­ple more weeks’ worth of use.

Don’t pump the wand

If you’ve won­dered why your mas­cara al­ways dries out so quickly, this is prob­a­bly the cul­prit. Ev­ery time you ab­sent­mind­edly pump the wand in and out of the tube, you’re push­ing in air which then causes the mas­cara to lose mois­ture.

Dou­ble Curl

For lashes that stay curled all day, try this trick. Once you’ve curled your lashes as nor­mal, move the curler up to the mid­dle of your lashes and clamp down again.

Avoid smears

Even with ev­ery trick in the book, smudges do just hap­pen some­times. But to avoid ru­in­ing the rest of your make-up by wip­ing at the smudge and end­ing up with a big black streak, just leave it be un­til it’s com­pletely dry. Five min­utes should do it and then you can sim­ply pick off the mas­cara and the rest of your make-up, even your foun­da­tion, will be un­af­fected.

Bend your brush

If you find it tricky to keep the mas­cara on just your lashes and not the sur­round­ing areas when ap­ply­ing, it might be be­cause you’re not get­ting the an­gle right. Sim­ply bend the head of your brush so that it forms a right an­gle be­fore you ap­ply your mas­cara – it’ll make reach­ing ev­ery one of your lashes much eas­ier. Just straighten the brush out again once you’re fin­ished so that it fits back in the tube.

Use loose pow­der

If you have sparse or stumpy lashes that never seem to grow, try this trick: Ap­ply one coat of mas­cara to your lashes as nor­mal and then dip a Q-tip into a lit­tle loose face pow­der (any will do). Use the Q-tip to coat both sides of your lashes with the pow­der – at this point they should look grey. Ap­ply an­other coat of mas­cara on top of the pow­der and your lashes will look in­stantly thicker and longer.

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