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With­out doubt it’s to let more skin show. It sounds sim­ple but it works. The more our skin ma­tures, the dryer it gets and the face is no longer a smooth can­vas – it has more lines, pores and dry patches that make-up can set­tle into. It can be tempt­ing to try to dis­guise these skin is­sues with more makeup, yet it’s the op­po­site that works. But if the thought of go­ing foun­da­tion­free fills you with fear sim­ply cheat by

cre­at­ing an op­ti­cal il­lu­sion. Try this; ap­ply a medium cov­er­age light­weight foun­da­tion all over your face as you nor­mally would. Once you’re done, rub off a lit­tle of the foun­da­tion on the bridge of your nose so that your nat­u­ral skin is vis­i­ble, freck­les, pores and all, do the same around your jaw­line if you like the ef­fect from your nose. This is where it’s im­per­a­tive that you’ve gone for a foun­da­tion that matches your skin tone per­fectly and that it blends seam­lessly with your skin. Now, be­cause some real skin is vis­i­ble, you im­me­di­ately look less caked and gen­er­ally softer. Next, if you re­ally can’t live with­out a lit­tle set­ting pow­der ap­ply a very thin layer only to the mid­dle of the fore­head, chin and around your nos­trils if you have red­ness – avoid the cheeks and eyes at all costs (pow­der here will age you mas­sively). Fin­ish with a warm matte eye­shadow (sparkly shad­ows can ex­ag­ger­ate crepey eye­lid skin) and what­ever lip­stick you fancy – as bold or as nat­u­ral as you like, with more skin on your face show­ing – the lip­stick won’t age you. And that’s it – it’s re­ally that sim­ple – take a look in the mir­ror for your­self.

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