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1. ARECA PALM The Areca Palm not only looks amaz­ing, it’s also an ef­fec­tive plant for re­mov­ing air tox­ins. It’s es­pe­cially help­ful for those with si­nus is­sues or who catch colds eas­ily. This plant ap­pre­ci­ates warmth but won’t like be­ing in di­rect sun­light or in the line of a draught. Do not over­wa­ter.

2. ALOE VERA An­other favourite with the NASA team, the Aloe Vera plant is a great air pu­ri­fier and also re­leases oxy­gen. This plant orig­i­nates from the desert so doesn’t ap­pre­ci­ate too much wa­ter. Al­low the soil to dry out be­tween wa­ter­ings.

3. BOS­TON FERN An­other one in NASA’S top 10, and a favourite with the Vic­to­ri­ans, the Bos­ton Fern is an ex­pert air pu­ri­fier. This plant likes a cool room with hu­mid­ity and damp soil. It favours in­di­rect sun­light. 4. WEEP­ING FIG This plant is es­pe­cially adept at re­mov­ing those tox­ins that come from car­pets and fur­nish­ings. This plant won’t thank you for dras­tic changes to tem­per­a­ture, es­pe­cially cold draughts. They need in­di­rect sun­light to sur­vive.

5. CHI­NESE EV­ER­GREEN A good choice for those less green fin­gered read­ers, the Chi­nese Ev­er­green is rel­a­tively hard to kill and can sur­vive in dark rooms with lit­tle light. Its abil­ity to re­move tox­ins grows with time. Avoid over­wa­ter­ing this plant – al­low roots to dry out be­tween wa­ter­ings.

6. PEACE LILY The beau­ti­ful Peace Lily can ab­sorb up to 60 per­cent of tox­ins and tack­les many of the chem­i­cals we men­tioned. It also ab­sorbs mould spores which can cause res­pi­ra­tory is­sues. This plant is a lit­tle trick­ier to look af­ter, it likes warmth but won’t ap­pre­ci­ate be­ing in di­rect sun­light. If it doesn’t pro­duce any flow­ers there’s a good chance it’s not happy with where you’ve placed it.

7. SPI­DER PLANT In just 48 hours the lowly Spi­der Plant can re­move 90 per­cent of tox­ins from the air. This is good op­tion for those who are adept at killing plants, it’s hardy, easy to grow and doesn’t re­quire much at­ten­tion.

8. ENGLISH IVY The Amer­i­can Col­lege of Al­lergy, Asthma and Im­munol­ogy dis­cov­ered that the hum­ble ivy plant re­moves three quar­ters of air­borne mould in just one day. A low main­te­nance plant, this is an­other one that doesn’t ap­pre­ci­ate too much wa­ter.

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