Since launch­ing the show in 2004 Si­mon has be­come renowned for his no-non­sense judg­ing style, but is this the year he soft­ens up?

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It looks like you’ve been hav­ing the best time dur­ing au­di­tions...

I’ve had more fun dur­ing au­di­tions than I have had in years! The new panel have been great and I love do­ing au­di­tions in front of an au­di­ence.

Are you look­ing for a star this year or good en­ter­tain­ment?

You have to do both. I think the show has got to find a star, you hope to find some­one who sells records but the show has to be fun.

Was chang­ing the panel a risk worth tak­ing?

It was one of those years that I knew we had to make a change, for sure. It just hap­pens, par­tic­u­larly on this show. What I love about Louis, Rob­bie and Ayda is that they are all fans of the show in their own way, and of course Louis started out on the show. Rob­bie’s been a huge part of the show over the years, it’s how we be­came friends, and Ayda has been a rev­e­la­tion, I mean, se­ri­ously, she’s been bril­liant.

There’s been crit­i­cism over Ayda join­ing the show, do you think that’s un­fair?

I can name you on one hand the good man­agers I know, you don’t have to be a mu­sic man­ager or an artist to be on this show. You’ve got to have taste, good in­stincts and you have to like peo­ple. The irony is that the pub­lic ac­tu­ally judge this com­pe­ti­tion. Ayda has seen the mu­sic busi­ness from a dif­fer­ent point of view so she brings a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive to the panel. I think she’s amaz­ing.

What does Louis bring to the panel?

Louis, out of all of the lads in One Di­rec­tion, was al­ways the one who would still come down to the show dur­ing re­hearsal days to give ad­vice to the new con­tes­tants. We’ve had a re­ally good friend­ship over the years and have talked for a long time about him do­ing the show. This year he felt com­fort­able to do it. See­ing some­one who has gone through the process is bril­liant.

Who’s the naugh­ti­est out of the three new judges?

Oh, Rob­bie by a mile! But so is Ayda ac­tu­ally, she’s re­ally funny.

Who is your mu­si­cal crush?

My mu­si­cal crush is Frank Si­na­tra. I just love ev­ery­thing about him, his voice, he was re­ally cool. I just love him.

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