Horo­scopes With Lynne Ewart

Your as­tro­log­i­cal guide from 27th Septem­ber - 24th Oc­to­ber

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Li­bra Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd

It’s your time, Li­bra, and it could be that you’re ready to shake a few things up or to clear away some old com­mit­ments. In the quest for a changeover, you’ll find that there’s a heap of hard work re­quired, but by the end of Oc­to­ber, much clicks into place. Call 09044 705706 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Aquarius Jan 21st - Feb 18th

De­spite a de­gree of pres­sure or ten­sion, pos­si­bly con­nected to a dis­rup­tion to your usual regimes at work or on the home front, the out­come looks promis­ing. Ca­reer or in­deed do­mes­tic ac­tiv­i­ties could de­mand more of you, but what you’re set to gain seems to make it all worth­while. Call 09044 705710 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

Things are mov­ing, al­beit slowly in some direc­tions, with em­pha­sis on re­sources and on work. There’s a sense of shed­ding (maybe to your own sur­prise) old habits, old at­ti­tudes and old clutter, to get your life bet­ter bal­anced, which seems to lib­er­ate you, en­abling you to fly fur­ther and higher. Call 09044 705702 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Scor­pio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd

There’s a lot of deeper think­ing go­ing on with sur­pris­ing mo­ments of truth or re­al­i­sa­tions, per­haps about who and what mat­ters most and one key choice seems to make it­self. It could be that a re­cent chap­ter of tur­moil has ac­tu­ally been lead­ing you to a stronger, more com­fort­able sit­u­a­tion. Call 09044 705707 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Pisces Feb 19th - March 20th

Try­ing to be in two places at once, or de­cid­ing whether or not to com­mit to a plan that feels both in­trigu­ing and chal­leng­ing could tug you here and there for a while. Thank­fully by the end of this month you just might be feel­ing sur­pris­ingly set­tled in your­self. Call 09044 705711 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Can­cer June 21st - July 22nd

There’s a lot of break­through en­ergy about this month, point­ing to your hopes and wishes, pos­si­bly in ca­reer, or for some­one close. Suc­cess crowns a case of sec­ond time around come mid-oc­to­ber, and watch out in the last week of the month, for sur­prise news com­ing around friends and kids. Call 09044 705703 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Sagittarius Nov 23rd - Dec 20th

There’s a grow­ing sense of pos­i­tiv­ity and of be­ing ready for the chal­lenges of an up­com­ing new phase that looks like it’ll fit you nicely. The more hard work or ef­fort you’ve been putting in over the last cou­ple of years, the bet­ter your re­wards will be, prob­a­bly from around mid-novem­ber. Call 09044 705708 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Aries March 21st - April 19th

Re­la­tion­ships are em­pha­sised now, and not just the more ob­vi­ous per­sonal sort, but also the re­la­tion­ship you have with your­self and the one con­nected to your own sense of value. Some­thing hap­pen­ing, prob­a­bly around mid­month, trig­gers a change in those ar­eas, one that’ll most likely be for the bet­ter in the longterm. Call 09044 705700 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Leo July 23rd - Au­gust 23rd

Your rou­tines may be shift­ing, re­spon­si­bil­i­ties al­ter­ing, and with Uranus in­volved in a full Moon by the 24th, a gath­er­ing ten­sion about what’s ex­pected of you could be re­leased thanks to nec­es­sary ac­tion that straight­ens things out. Fe­male rel­a­tives could be back af­ter an ab­sence, and a work lo­ca­tion might change. Call 09044 705704 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Capricorn Dec 21st - Jan 20th

Uranus is aligned with the Oc­to­ber full Moon by the 24th, and this could bring de­vel­op­ments or an­nounce­ments which link back to around the third week of May. An of­fi­cial mat­ter could take a wee bit longer to work out, but within three to four weeks a sig­nif­i­cant “yes” looks likely. Call 09044 705709 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Taurus April 20th - May 20th

Are you crav­ing ex­cite­ment or fear­ing the chal­lenge of some­thing that’s out of your com­fort zone? The Oc­to­ber sky points to work and sur­round­ings and to health and well­be­ing, and in one of these are­nas, there could be a new look at an old is­sue. Fa­mil­iar faces could reap­pear too. Call 09044 705701 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

Virgo Aug 24th - Sept 22nd

Fi­nan­cial in­ter­ests are prom­i­nent and you could be of­fered an op­por­tu­nity that might well yield an an­swer to a cur­rent con­cern. Uranus is ag­i­tat­ing your thoughts, but also stir­ring you to be bold about tak­ing a cer­tain jour­ney or agree­ing to a meet­ing that looks set to turn out well. Call 09044 705705 for reg­u­lar up­dates!

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