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QI AM al­ways hoe­ing weeds in my gar­den but they keep com­ing back. I don’t want to use weed­killer. What can I do? Jill

AHOEING weeds sim­ply chops the top off the plant and leaves their roots in the soil, from which most will eas­ily re­grow. So in­stead of us­ing a hoe, take a trowel or a spe­cial­ist weed tool to dig down and pull out the weeds by the roots. This is a sure-fire way to stop them from com­ing back again.

QCAN I put a pot plant on a win­dowsill with a ra­di­a­tor un­der­neath?


YES, but choose a tough one such as a flam­ing Katy or money tree, or one with thicker green leaves. They are more ro­bust. Stand the pot plant on a saucer of gravel, then add wa­ter to the saucer, en­sur­ing it doesn’t come high enough to touch the pot. Evap­o­ra­tion cre­ates hu­mid­ity around the plant.

Dig down to get rid of the weeds

Pick your plant care­fully if near a ra­di­a­tor

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