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AQUAR­IUS 21 Jan-19 Feb

Can you be held re­spon­si­ble for every­thing that goes wrong at home? No, but you can sort things out and in do­ing so shine where oth­ers may just get on the huffy bus and stay there all week. Be the grown-up. Part­ner or bestie, call for more on money is­sues. UK: 0905 8171571* IRL: 1560 787911*

TAU­RUS 21 Apr-21 May

With some added pres­sure in re­la­tion­ships, you’re go­ing through a pe­riod of ad­just­ment. What you give or take is up to you, but by the end of the week it’s sorted once and for all. Breathe; al­low for suc­cess. Stay con­fi­dent if your val­ues are tested; call me. UK: 0905 8171562* IRL: 1560 787902*

LEO 23 Jul-22 Aug

You’re not one for mak­ing state­ments that aren’t true, so it may come as a shock when fam­ily ac­cuses you of do­ing just that. Per­haps you’ve been mis­led along the way? Check your facts; don’t rely on hearsay. Mer­cury’s exit brings a bonus your way. Call me. UK: 0905 8171565* IRL: 1560 787905*

SCOR­PIO 23 Oct-22 Nov

Se­cu­rity is im­por­tant to you and that’s not just about door locks; it’s about money, friend­ship and loy­alty. Woe be­tide any­one who’s shown to com­pro­mise those things. Emo­tional times; gaps are found and plugged. Ca­reer of­fers are sur­pris­ing – call for more. UK: 0905 8171568* IRL: 1560 787908*

PISCES 20 Feb-20 Mar

There’s a clearer route be­tween Nep­tune and your re­la­tion­ship sky and it’s time to use it to bring bal­ance back be­tween you and some­one close. Old ground may need to be cov­ered. Don’t shy away from it, Pisces. Re­trace your steps for hap­pier out­comes. Call me. UK: 0905 8171572* IRL: 1560 787912*

GEM­INI 22 May-20 Jun

Even though Mars is pushy in your home sky, you know if you go too far some­one won’t like it. But still you’re tempted to push. Take care, you could se­ri­ously mis­judge some­one’s lim­its – or is that the plan? Re­la­tion­ships face mid­week hic­cups. Call for more. UK: 0905 8171563* IRL: 1560 787903

VIRGO 23 Aug-22 Sep

It’s all too easy to have a rant and a flounce off, but does it solve any­thing? Of course not, Virgo, and that’s why you must get some­one back to the ta­ble, be that board­room or kitchen. Get your per­sua­sive head on. Venus brings love back – call for more. UK: 0905 8171566* IRL: 1560 787906*

SAGIT­TAR­IUS 23 Nov-21 Dec

When a course of ac­tion is clear, it doesn’t make it any eas­ier to fol­low, even if your con­science knows it’s ex­actly the right thing to do. Some tough choices must be made. Deep breath and make it hap­pen for you. Or miss out again, Sagit­tar­ius? Call me. UK: 0905 8171569* IRL: 1560 787909*

ARIES 21 Mar-20 Apr

No mat­ter what you say, some­one ap­pears to have made up their mind and try­ing to per­suade them oth­er­wise only leaves you frus­trated. Save your en­ergy. Ac­cept a uni­ver­sal prompt to move on at work. It’s walk your talk time – call for more. UK: 0905 8171561* IRL: 1560 787901*

CA NCER 21 Jun-22 Jul

Venus moves through your money sky and that can be as much fun as it sounds. She likes you; she likes to help; so if you’re look­ing for ways to bring in the money, look for folks who can help. Rec­om­men­da­tions bring work changes. Call me. UK: 0905 8171564* IRL: 1560 787904*

LI­BRA 23 Sep-22 Oct

Even though you’re not sure how some­one knows your name or so much about you, they have an air of some­thing at­trac­tive about them. Is this friend­ship or some­thing more? A friend of a friend fi­nally gets your at­ten­tion. For­got­ten de­tails lead to work panic. Call me. UK: 0905 8171567* IRL: 1560 787907*

CAPRI­CORN 22 Dec-20 Jan

Venus is grac­ing your shared re­source sky. Grace is a good word for her as she’s gen­tle, kind and beau­ti­ful, so how can you use that? Solve a co­nun­drum, patch things up with a mate or a part­ner with love.

Travel op­tions open up too. Call me. UK: 0905 8171570* IRL: 1560 787910*

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