The NOW Fit­ness Dic­tio­nary

(Fic­tionary, if you will)

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Next time you find your­self nod­ding along to a gym-based convo with no clue as to what’s re­ally be­ing said, give this a lit­tle once-over


Hav­ing fewer calo­ries than your body uses per day, which re­sults in fat loss and a bit of mus­cle de­vel­op­ment, caus­ing more def­i­ni­tion.


High In­ten­sity In­ter­val train­ing. Al­ter­nat­ing short pe­ri­ods of in­tense ac­tiv­ity (think burpees, jumps and sprints) with re­cov­ery pe­ri­ods.


Per­form­ing an ex­er­cise at your cho­sen weight and then con­tin­u­ing to drop (re­duce) the weight un­til you reach ‘fail­ure’ (when you can do no more reps at all).


Choos­ing two dif­fer­ent ex­er­cises and per­form­ing them back-to-back with no rest in be­tween. You then rest be­fore su­per-set­ting again.


Lift­ing a loaded bar (from a stand­ing po­si­tion) from the ground to the hips and back down again.


‘I’ve got se­ri­ous DOMS to­day…’ De­layed On­set Mus­cle Sore­ness comes on around 24-72 hours af­ter ex­er­cise. Usu­ally pain or stiff­ness from a tough work­out.


Not for the faint-hearted. Sim­ply, al­ter­nat­ing car­bo­hy­drate in­take on a daily, weekly or monthly ba­sis to pro­mote fat loss or over­come weight loss plateau.


Us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of bal­let, yoga and Pi­lates-in­spired pos­tures, the barre it­self is used as a prop to bal­ance on. Ex­pect lots of reps of small move­ments that re­ally burn.


Those hard, foam cylin­dri­cal things ly­ing around the gym? Slowly rolling sore mus­cles over one of them re­lieves ten­sion and eases tight­ness. Ex­pect it to hurt.


Short for ‘rep­e­ti­tion’.

A sin­gle move­ment of any ex­er­cise, e.g, one squat. Fewer reps usu­ally means a heav­ier weight.


A se­ries of reps of an ex­er­cise. Each rep within a set is done con­tin­u­ously with no rest be­tween. Typ­i­cally, there is a rest be­tween each set.


‘Look at my gains!’ Of­ten used by pumped-up men at the gym. Yawn. Gains means any progress you’ve made in your train­ing, or im­prove­ment to your physique.


Not your run-of-the-mill chilled out mas­sage. These work deep in the mus­cles. Can re­duce in­jury and in­crease flex­i­bil­ity. Ex­pect to feel crip­pled the next day.


Quite lit­er­ally, work­ing out us­ing your own body weight as the re­sis­tance in­stead of adding weight with dumb­bells and bar­bells. Squats, lunges, push ups and crunches are a few ex­am­ples…


Sim­i­lar to HIIT tri­an­ing al­though Tabata can be more in­tense. Uusally, eight rounds of high­in­ten­sity ex­er­cises with 20 sec­onds on and 10 sec­onds off.

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