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We catch up with BFFS Chris and Kem to chat all things bod­ies, girl­friends and the joy of full-on bro­mances

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We must ad­mit that we’re a lit­tle bit flus­tered when we go to meet Kem Ceti­nay and Chris Hughes from Love Is­land for a chat on a crisp au­tumn af­ter­noon, at an east Lon­don ware­house where they’re do­ing a pho­to­shoot for their new work­out DVD. It wouldn’t be an un­der­state­ment to ad­mit that Now was ob­sessed with Love Is­land this sum­mer – and that Chris and Kem’s bro­mance was one of the cutest parts of the show, which drew 2.5 mil­lion view­ers for its fi­nal – the high­est view­ing fig­ures in the his­tory of ITV2. No big­gie, then. Chris, 24, and Kem, 21, have done well for them­selves since leav­ing the show, land­ing not just se­ri­ous girl­friends but also their own re­al­ity show and a record deal with Sony. And then there’s that run-in that Chris re­cently had with Katie Price. More about that later… Smoth­er­ing us with hugs, the boys look just as good in the flesh as you’d imag­ine from the show. We caught up with the lads over, er, a Ber­roca (which Chris de­cides ‘tastes like p*ss!’) – and they were just as full of ban­ter as you’d imag­ine. Guys, you must be on cloud nine right now. You re­cently topped the itunes charts with your grime hit Lit­tle Bit Leave It. How are you feel­ing? Kem It’s been crazy. We’re just em­brac­ing it all, re­ally.

Chris We don’t have time to take it in! We’re just hav­ing fun with it all.

Kem When we do sit back and think we go, ‘Cor blimey. How has this hap­pened?’ You did pick a good show to start your ca­reers on… Kem It wasn’t bad, was it? We’ve been lucky, Love Is­land has re­ally looked af­ter us. Chris We’d never have met if it wasn’t for be­ing on Love

Is­land. And we’d never have met our girl­friends, ei­ther.

You’re re­leas­ing a fit­ness DVD. How healthy are you guys? Chris I’m not healthy at all. I re­ally love fast food.

Kem We’re healthy, strong boys nat­u­rally, but we don’t have that much time to train prop­erly at the mo­ment be­cause of our sched­ules. Do you eat healthily? Chris I try to eat broc­coli once a month. I like it but I don’t re­ally get the chance to eat it.

Kem I like my vegeta­bles. I like them raw. I even eat mush­rooms raw.

Chris The thing with broc­coli is, when you or­der chips at a restau­rant it doesn’t re­ally come with broc­coli. If it did then I might ac­tu­ally or­der it more.

How of­ten do you go and work out at the gym? Chris I used to do ev­ery day, six days a week.

Kem Chris, ev­ery day isn’t six days a week… leave the ev­ery day bit out, mate. Chris At the mo­ment, I don’t have time to go ev­ery day. I used to do four days a week be­fore we got this busy.

‘I can’t get rid of my six­pack!’

‘I want to have a kid next year’

Christ­mas is on its way. What are your top tips for los­ing a bit of a weight be­fore the fes­tive sea­son, so you can in­dulge on the big day when it ar­rives? Kem Don’t cut out carbs. Ev­ery­one says to cut carbs, but you need a balanced diet. And as soon as you go back to eat­ing carbs again, you’ll put all the weight straight back on.

Chris Eat lit­tle and more of­ten. Get your chicken and greens in, and drink lots of wa­ter. Kem Sprints and high in­ten­sity work­outs are great. With good bod­ies, 30 per cent gets made in the gym, 70 per cent gets made in the kitchen.

What are your favourite parts of your own bod­ies? Chris I can’t re­ally say.

OK, I love my willy.

Kem It’s fair. He de­serves to say it. I’ll say I like my ears.

Chris Your ears are so cute, Kem. They’re gor­geous. You’ve got a fan­tas­tic bum, too. Kem Yeah, I have got a great bum. What about over Christ­mas, do you think you are go­ing to put on weight? Chris I’ve been try­ing to do that my whole life and I haven’t man­aged it yet. I’ve had a six pack for 22 years of my life and I just can’t get rid of it.

Kem What a shame! What a hard life you have…

What do your girl­friends think of you go­ing out there and flex­ing your en­vi­able mus­cles at the whole na­tion? Kem They’ve got no choice. They’re get­ting copies of the DVD for Christ­mas!

Do Am­ber and Olivia reg­u­larly go to the gym as well? Chris Not re­ally. They’re lucky. They don’t need to, be­cause they’re lit­tle bean poles.

How much have your lives changed since the show? Kem It’s fair to say that they’ve changed loads. I’d never had a girl­friend be­fore six months ago! It’s un­be­liev­able. And I’ve made a new best friend too. Are your other friends jeal­ous of your bro­mance? Kem I don’t think they’re jeal­ous. They just don’t see us as much as they used to. They’re gut­ted about that. My friends love Chris though, they have his num­ber.

Chris My brother went to see Kem with­out me.

Kem I’ve stayed over at Chris’ house as well. I had a lot of fun with the cows and chased the sheep there. It was great.

Do you still cook and do your own wash­ing? Kem I cook be­cause I love cook­ing. I do a re­ally good prawn and chicken stir fry on a bed of noo­dles.

Kem, do you cook for Chris? Chris I know all about his spe­cial­i­ties. He’s a very good chef. Kem My mum does a lot of my wash­ing still. OK, she does it all. I’m 21 though, give me a break!

Do you still live with your par­ents?

Kem Yeah, I do. I’m so close with them. I don’t want to leave yet. I know when I do, that’ll be it. I’m just so close to them, and luck­ily Am­ber is so com­fort­able with them. And Am­ber has her own house in Lon­don, so I stay with her ev­ery time I’m down.

Does Am­ber get along well with your fam­ily? Kem She’s with my mum hav­ing lunch right now! They’ve even got match­ing bracelets.

Would you like to move in with your girl­friends? Chris I al­ready have. Olivia and I moved in to­gether in the first week. It’s go­ing re­ally well. What about ar­gu­ments – have their been any big rows? Chris I think ev­ery­one rows. I think it’s healthy. It shows that there’s pas­sion.

Kem When we came into the real world it’s com­pletely dif­fer­ent. We’re so much stronger since leav­ing the show. Ev­ery­thing is mag­ni­fied on it. Have you started to think about things like wed­dings and ba­bies yet? Chris I’ve ac­tu­ally thought about both of those things. I wouldn’t mind pop­ping one out. I love kids though, don’t I? I’ve got one at the mo­ment in Cash [the doll that Olivia and Chris had to look af­ter on Love Is­land], but I wouldn’t mind hav­ing a real one in the next year. I’ll be

25 by then. When the kid’s 15 I want to be 40. I want my knees to still be in­tact so I can play foot­ball with him at the park.

How did you guys feel when your de­but sin­gle hit num­ber one on the itunes chart on the first day of its re­lease? Kem It was sur­real.

Chris It was so odd.

Kem We are both so shocked about ev­ery­thing that has hap­pened. I sent Chris a screen­shot of the itunes chart and I was like, how are our names on the same page as Sam Smith? It was mad.

Will you do any more sin­gles? Kem I re­ally hope so, but there’s no rush. We’ve been signed to Sony, so I hope it goes some­where.

Chris, would you agree that you’ve got quite the rep­u­ta­tion

for your brisk, no-non­sense at­ti­tude on Twit­ter? Chris I do like to de­fend my­self, yes. When I’m right, I feel like I have to de­fend my­self.

Is there any­thing you’d like to say to Katie Price af­ter your re­cent Twit­ter beef? [Chris’ PR im­me­di­ately jumps in and shuts us down.]

Chris Er… no. No! Haha. Would you like to present Love

Is­land: After­sun next year? Kem We’d love to do some pre­sent­ing to­gether. We can re­late to it and we can be com­fort­able on that show. We know ev­ery­thing there is to know about Love Is­land.

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