Fight it with food a boost! Eat up, and give your im­mune sys­tem

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Nutri­tion­ist Cas­san­dra Barns ex­plains: ‘One third of a head of broc­coli con­tains more than our rec­om­mended daily al­lowance of vi­ta­min C!’ Heat can de­stroy vi­ta­min C though so make sure you steam broc­coli for no more than four min­utes.


Not just an aphro­disiac – oys­ters are mega high in im­mu­nity boost­ing zinc as well as other help­ful nu­tri­ents in­clud­ing se­le­nium, vi­ta­min B12, iron and vi­ta­min A. Not a fan? Beef and as lamb are also good sources of zinc, are pump­kin seeds and se­same seeds.


‘100g of salmon is enough to cover the cur­rent rec­om­mended daily in­take of vi­ta­min D,’ says Cas­san­dra. If you can, go for wild sock­eye salmon for the great­est ben­e­fits.

KIWI fruits

Of all fruits, ki­wis come out

– as one of the high­est in vi­ta­min C of­ten bet­ter than or­anges. Yup, it’s a nu­tri­tion­ists go-to as Cas­san­dra re­veals that she stocks up on kiwi fruits when com­ing down with a cold.

OR­ANGE veg­gies

Load up on car­rots, sweet pota­toes of and but­ter­nut squash. They’re full beta-carotene, says Cas­san­dra, which our body uses to make vi­ta­min A – a vi­tal nu­tri­ent for im­mu­nity and also for the mu­cous mem­branes

– the ‘in­ner lin­ings’ of our body.

DID you Know?

El­iz­a­beth Wall, nutri­tion­ist at Hol­land & Bar­rett says cold symp­toms should only last FOUR days whilst flu can last up to 10. Fa­tigue from fight­ing the virus can last two to three weeks though.

Don’t Go ott

We need some ex­po­sure to germs to ac­tu­ally build our im­mune sys­tem. Cas­san­dra rec­om­mends that we avoid overus­ing anti-bac gels, wipes and sprays, as they can weaken your im­mune sys­tem and make you more prone to catch­ing a bug when you’re ex­posed to one.

But Keep CLEAN

Of course, we still need to be sen­si­ble. Wash your hands reg­u­larly with hot wa­ter and soap. Un­less a hand san­i­tizer con­tains at least 6080 per­cent al­co­hol, it wont kill cold

and flu viruses.

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