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It is no se­cret that stress has a se­ri­ous ef­fect on our beauty mojo. It can cause a whole host of skin is­sues from break­outs to dry­ness, to eczema flare-ups – oh the joy! Are you in need of a lit­tle R’N’R? Why not nip it in the bud? A bit of me-time goes a long way to get you back to feel­ing beau­ti­ful. Take Mil­lie Mack­in­tosh, who turns to yoga to re­set and re­bal­ance. So, check out our top three stress-busters… 1. be a yoga bunny Prac­tise yoga at home by fol­low­ing Youtube tu­to­ri­als to stay zen on a bud­get. Build it in to your daily rou­tine to make it a habit. It’s also good to in­vest in at least one yoga class a month to re­ceive proper in­struc­tion on your form. 2. app-so­lutely Fab­u­lous! Down­load an app that helps you med­i­tate. We love Calm, In­sight Timer and Headspace. 3. Just breathe Tidy your bed­room, light a can­dle, drop laven­der oil onto your pil­low, then try box breath­ing. In for four, hold for four, out for four, and so on. tis­serand laven­der oil, £5.99; mio skin­care liq­uid yoga Homeo­pathic space spray, £19.50, look­fan­tas­tic.com; this works deep sleep Heav­enly can­dle, £21.25, look­fan­tas­tic. com.

Mil­lie Mack­in­tosh Prac­tise yoga ev­ery day with­out spend­ing a penny!

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