Of­fi­cers’ state­ments heard dur­ing Dionne mur­der trial

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THE Dionne Clark mur­der trial has con­tin­ued in the ab­sence of one of the de­fen­dants due to ill­ness.

Ju­rors heard how Do­minic Wal­lis, 28, had been di­ag­nosed with pneu­mo­nia and was be­ing treated for the con­di­tion.

In the dock yes­ter­day was El­iz­a­beth El­lis, aged 20, who along with Do­minic Wal­lis is ac­cused of the mur­der of 27-year-old Nuneaton mum-of-four Dionne Clark, at Wal­lis’s home in the town, in June this year.

Do­minic Wal­lis’s par­ents Karen Wal­lis and Kings­ley Wal­lis, 55, are also on trial – ac­cused of per­vert­ing the course of jus­tice.

The jury has pre­vi­ously heard Dionne Clark’s body was found at Wal­lis’s home, in Cornish Close, on June 17.

His Honour Judge Si­mon Drew QC said: “Mr Wal­lis is still not here but as far as to­day’s hear­ing is con­cerned we can con­tinue in his ab­sence.”

The judge in­di­cated Do­minic Wal­lis would be un­able to at­tend court in per­son un­til Thurs­day next week, though a video link could be set up in or­der for him to still par­tic­i­pate in pro­ceed­ings on Mon­day, Tues­day and Wed­nes­day.

Yes­ter­day’s pro­ceed­ings saw po­lice wit­nesses ap­pear and also went through po­lice of­fi­cers’ state­ments.

PC Sharon Coldrick from War­wick­shire Po­lice was one of the of­fi­cers who first ar­rived on the scene.

In her state­ment she said she saw Do­minic Wal­lis come into the gar­den, also Karen Wal­lis and El­iz­a­beth El­lis.

PC Coldrick said: “He was irate. He looked like he was high on drugs. He was sweaty and his pupils were like pin pricks.”

She added that Do­minic Wal­lis had a key in his hand and was try­ing to un­lock the back door to the house.

She said: “I ush­ered him away and tried to calm him down. His mother said he had psy­chosis.

“El­iz­a­beth El­lis was cry­ing – I heard the para­medic say a woman in the house was de­ceased. Do­minic Wal­lis and El­iz­a­beth El­lis were both cry­ing. El­iz­a­beth El­lis was on the verge of be­ing hys­ter­i­cal. Her make-up was run­ning down her face. Both were clearly un­der the in­flu­ence of drugs.” Yes­ter­day’s pro­ceed­ings men­tioned a fight that was sup­posed to have taken place be­tween Dionne Clark and some­one called ‘Kel­lie’ on the evening of Fri­day, June 17. PC Coldrick said: “He (Do­minic Wal­lis) said she had been in a fight and ragged around by her hair. He said the three had re­turned to his house and had been drink­ing and smok­ing crack co­caine. “When they got up Dionne was dead, they didn’t know the time. “They had a can and smoked some cannabis be­fore go­ing to Karen Wal­lis’s house.” PC David Gal­lagher was the of­fi­cer who ar­rested Do­minic Wal­lis. In his state­ment, PC Gal­lagher said when he told Wal­lis he was ar­rest­ing him he replied: “What do you mean? I haven’t done any­thing.”

PC Tess Mitchell, who ar­rested El­iz­a­beth El­lis spoke in her state­ment of El­lis’s re­sponse when she told her she was ar­rest­ing her. She said: “She said ‘what the f***. Why are you do­ing this to me?’ She was clearly very ag­i­tated.”

De­tec­tive Con­sta­ble Paul Vines, who in­ter­viewed El­iz­a­beth El­lis af­ter her ar­rest, took to the wit­ness stand to go through a tran­script of the in­ter­view.

In re­sponse to him cau­tion­ing her, El­lis said: “Why would I have to go to court when I have just found my best mate dead?”

The tran­script re­vealed how when El­lis, Do­minic Wal­lis and Dionne Clark got to­gether that day and “started drink­ing and tak­ing a lot of drugs”.

Con­tin­u­ing through the tran­script there was a fo­cus on a trip the three made to a Spar su­per­mar­ket in Dionne Clark’s car and the fight that was said to have hap­pened.

El­lis said: “We all got some beers. Then she slammed her brakes on and started talk­ing about some bird called Kelly.”

Dionne Clark then got out of the car and at­tacked a woman who was in the street. El­lis con­tin­ued: “They had a fight but then she started get­ting beat-up. She started kick­ing her (Dionne) and that’s when Do­minic got out of the car and broke it up. “He got a bloody nose as well.” El­lis said when they re­turned to Do­minic Wal­lis’s house she at­tempted to per­suade Dionne to call an am­bu­lance but “she didn’t want to”.

She sug­gested Dionne was re­luc­tant to call an am­bu­lance be­cause of is­sues in­volv­ing her four chil­dren.

She said: “She’s got four kids and had three taken off her for tak­ing drugs.

“She was para­noid. She didn’t want to go. She wanted to carry on get­ting wrecked.”

Ad­dress­ing DC Vines, junior prose­cu­tor Thomas Baker said: “Po­lice iden­ti­fied a pos­si­ble sus­pect for the woman iden­ti­fied as Kelly, who was Kerry Spare.

“On the same day, Satur­day June 18, you at­tended Kerry Spare’s ad­dress and ar­rested her on sus­pi­cion of mur­der.

“When it was dis­cov­ered the ac­count given was false, no fur­ther action was taken against her?”

DC Vines con­firmed that was the case.

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