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THE man ac­cused of mur­der­ing Nuneaton mum Dionne Clark told police that his co-de­fen­dant had at­tacked her while he was in the bath, a court has heard.

Do­minic Wal­lis told de­tec­tives that he could hear ar­gu­ing down­stairs at his home and when he went to in­ves­ti­gate he found 27-year-old Miss Clark nearly un­con­scious and taped to a pouffe.

The 28-year-old’s police in­ter­views were read out to a jury at Birm­ing­ham Crown Court where he and El­iz­a­beth El­lis both stand ac­cused of killing Miss Clark, a mum of four, in June this year.

In the in­ter­views he told police that he cut Miss Clark free and put her in the re­cov­ery po­si­tion, be­fore find­ing her dead the next morn­ing.

The jury was taken through Do­minic Wal­lis’ in­ter­views that came af­ter he was ar­rested on June 20 on sus­pi­cion of mur­der. Be­fore the first in­ter­view, Do­minic had been in­formed that 20-year-old El­lis – known as Libby - had blamed him for Miss Clark’s death in her police in­ter­views. In re­sponse he de­scribed her ver­sion of events as “com­pletely false”.

Do­minic told police that he, El­lis and Miss Clark were hav­ing a “sesh” at his house in Cor­nish Close on the night of Fri­day, June 16, be­fore he went upstairs for a bath. “While in the bath I heard shout­ing go­ing on and shouted down ‘what’s go­ing on’ and Libby shouted ‘noth­ing,’” he said in in­ter­view.

When asked what may have sparked an ar­gu­ment be­tween El­lis and Miss Clark, Do­minic told de­tec­tives that ear­lier in the night El­lis had told Miss Clark to stop star­ing at him in a “sex­ual way”.

He added that when he went down­stairs he found that El­lis had “tied Dionne up and bound her and put a thing over her mouth”. Do­minic de­scribed Miss Clark as be­ing taped to a pouffe in the front room and hav­ing a black eye and a “bloody nose”.

The court is told that El­lis was say­ing to Do­minic to “leave her, leave her” and El­lis was an­gry with Miss Clark as she would drive them to get more crack co­caine, ac­cord­ing to Do­minic’s in­ter­view tran­scripts. Do­minic said to police that he then asked El­lis: “What the f*** you do­ing?” be­fore El­lis punched him as they ar­gued.

He then stated that he got a knife from the kitchen to cut Miss Clark free.

De­tec­tive Con­sta­ble Craig Var­ney, lead­ing the in­ter­view, asked: “Did Libby tell you what had hap­pened in the room?”

Do­minic replied: “It was all a blur to me.” He said he tried to give Miss Clark CPR as he wasn’t sure if she was breath­ing or not, be­fore he heard a “weird noise” and then lay her down in the re­cov­ery po­si­tion, be­fore he and El­lis went upstairs to bed.

The jury heard that in the in­ter­view Do­minic said he woke up the next morn­ing and found Miss Clark down­stairs “in the same po­si­tion” and tried to roll her over. He said: “She was dead. It blew my head off.”

When asked how he re­acted, Do­minic told police: “I s*** my­self like. I didn’t know what to do. I ran up and told Libby and she wouldn’t re­spond to me.”

De­tec­tives were told by Do­minic that he then “started drink­ing again”, but he and El­lis soon left the house to go to his mother’s shop.

Once there, Do­minic stated that he “told my mum that some­one had died in my front room” and she said they needed to call an am­bu­lance “straight away”. He added that they didn’t call an am­bu­lance there and then as he was scared of the reper­cus­sions.

Also giv­ing ev­i­dence was Do­minic Wal­lis’ sis­ter, Layla Brown, who told the jury that on June 19 this year she re­ceived a phone call from her mum, Karen Wal­lis, at around 8.30am. She said that she was told about a woman dy­ing at Do­minic’s home and that Do­minic and girl called Libby had been ar­rested.

The jury heard that Mrs Brown rang her mum again later that morn­ing and she stated that Karen told her that Do­minic and El­lis had told her about a fight in­volv­ing Miss Clark the night be­fore she died. A fur­ther phone call that day be­tween Mrs Brown and Karen Wal­lis saw Karen say that she had been given Do­minic’s ver­sion of events of what had hap­pened to Miss Clark, but had just been given a dif­fer­ent ver­sion of events by El­lis, ac­cord­ing to Mrs Brown.

That phone call took place while Karen was sat in her car with El­lis.

“My mum was quite up­set and she asked Libby to tell me what she had just told her,” Mrs Brown said. Mrs Brown told the jury that El­lis said to her that while tak­ing drugs with Miss Clark and Do­minic at his house, Miss Clark had put lighter fluid in to El­lis’ mouth.

“[El­lis] said Do­minic had gone mad at Dionne and Dionne had wanted to leave, and Do­minic had locked the door and taken the keys and there had been some ar­gu­ment,” ex­plained Mrs Brown.

She added that El­lis told her that Do­minic had hit Miss Clark “a few times” be­fore she had hit Do­minic back.

She said that El­lis told her that Do­minic went “re­ally mad” when Miss Clark re­tal­i­ated and “tied her up with tape” around her an­kles, knees and wrists.

Mrs Brown said: “I asked what she (El­lis) had to do with this. She said noth­ing.”

Dur­ing the phone call El­lis also said that she and Do­minic Wal­lis had made up the story about Miss Clark be­ing in­volved in a fight the night be­fore she died, Mrs Brown told the jury.

Ju­nior pros­e­cu­tor Thomas Baker asked how long the phone call had lasted for and Mrs Brown replied: “A long time. It was an unimag­in­able call so I can’t be to­tally sure. I was try­ing to get as much in­for­ma­tion as I could as there was a lot of cry­ing and me try­ing to con­vince Libby to go to the police sta­tion as it was the right thing to do.”

She said that El­lis was “re­luc­tant a first” to go the police sta­tion as she “didn’t want to go to prison” and also be­cause she loved Do­minic Wal­lis.

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