Gran’s ter­ror over deadly gas leak

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AGREAT-GRAND­MOTHER has spo­ken of the terrifying mo­ment she re­alised there was a deadly gas leak in her home.

Pa­tri­cia Asprey, 76, of Moray Road, Chad­der­ton, also said she be­lieved she would be dead if she had not had a car­bon monox­ide de­tec­tor to alert her to the leak, the source of which is still be­ing in­ves­ti­gated.

Pa­tri­cia, who was hos­pi­talised along with a 24-year-old neigh­bour, said: “It was very scary. I just pan­icked when the alarm went off.

“We were evac­u­ated and then in hos­pi­tal they said I had high lev­els of car­bon monox­ide in my blood.

“I had felt very sleepy but I’m on painkillers after a hip op­er­a­tion so I thought it was those.

“The fire­fight­ers praised me for hav­ing a de­tec­tor.

“I’m so glad I had one or I could have passed out.

“I could be dead as you can’t smell car­bon monox­ide or hear it.”

Fire ser­vice bosses have is­sued a warn­ing over the ‘silent killer’ after the drama on Moray Road.

A num­ber of other res­i­dents also re­ported feel­ing un­well and were checked and treated by paramedics.

Fire crews from Chad­der­ton, Hollins and Old- ham were called to the road at 6.40pm on Thurs­day after a car­bon monox­ide alarm ac­ti­vated inside a prop­erty.

‘It was very scary. I just pan­icked when the alarm went off’

Five homes were evac­u­ated im­me­di­ately and fire fight­ers wear­ing breath­ing masks led Pa­tri­cia to safety.

A gas en­gi­neer was called to the scene and iso­lated the sup­ply.

Pa­tri­cia, who is re­cov­er­ing from a hip re­place­ment op­er­a­tion, was wash­ing up when the alarm started go­ing off.

Sheim­me­di­ate­lylimped out­side, tak­ing her phone and call­ing 999, be­fore re­al­is­ing her hear­ing aid wasn’t in.

She added: “I had to find that and call again. I went straight back out­side at the back and waited for the fire­fight­ers.”

When they ar­rived they evac­u­ated Pa­tri­cia’s neigh­bours too – and she and another woman were taken to hos­pi­tal.

Neigh­bour Arnold Ben­nett, 90, was also evac­u­ated.

The great-grand­fa­ther of five said: “I was watch­ing tele­vi­sion when fire­fight­ers came to my door and said I had to leave. The neigh­bours were kind and in­vited us in.”

He added: “I have a car­bon monox­ide alarm, and this has made me re­alise how im­por­tant they are.”

●● Pa­trica Asprey said her life was saved by her car­bon monox­ide de­tec­tor

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