Moors mur­derer claims he doesn’t have long to live


MOORS mur­derer Ian Brady says he does not have long to live and still re­fuses to show any re­morse for his crimes.

The child killer, now 77, says he is ‘still bedrid­den and wors­en­ing’ after break­ing his hip and arm in a fall at the psy­chi­atric hos­pi­tal where he is be­ing held.

In a let­ter, Brady said he wished he had died ‘decades ago’ as he con­tin­ues to be force-fed against his will at Ash­worth Hos­pi­tal in Mersey­side.

He in­sists he is not in­sane and should be trans­ferred to jail, where he could starve him­self to death.

His last ap­peal was re­jected by a tri­bunal in June 2013.

In a let­ter to a Chan­nel 5 news cor­re­spon­dent Brady says: “This cell block is de­scribed as a ‘dis­charge ward’; I’ve been sit­ting here 30 years... and there’s no turn­around of in­mates un­less in a cof­fin.

“So it’s more ac­cu­rately a blocked sewer-pipe!

“Had I di­vined the fu­ture of spend­ing half a cen­tury in prison, and the fi­nal 15 years be­ing forcefed by nasal tube in an un­mon­i­tored zo­o­log­i­cal cesspit of re­gres­sion, I would’ve ex­ited decades ago.”

Brady and his lover Myra Hind­ley, who died in prison in 2002, were caged in 1966 for mur­der­ing five young­sters aged 10 to 17 and bury­ing their bod­ies on Sad­dle­worth Moors.

Alan Ben­nett, the brother of 12-year-old vic­tim Keith Ben­nett, made a des­per­ate ap­peal to Brady last Septem­ber to re­veal where his brother was buried.



Win­nie John­son spent years search­ing the moors for her son’s grave.

She died in 2012 and Keith’s body has never been found.

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