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Food writer Anna Glover has her shop­ping bills on a very tight leash. ‘Mak­ing an evening meal into some­thing ex­tra spe­cial with lit­tle money is very im­por­tant to me, so -´ve come up with a sys­tem that doesn´t bend the bud­get, and also lets me try new things and eat re­ally well for just about £100 per month for 2 peo­ple (ex­clud­ing a few bot­tles of wine here and there, and oc­ca­sional meals out). You have to be cre­ative with your meal plan­ning, as you don´t know what you´re hav­ing un­til you fnd it, but with a cup­board full of kitchen sta­ples there are so many op­tions ¯ it isn´t too hard.´

• Do one large shop ev­ery month or two to take ad­van­tage of whole­sale prices by buy­ing in bulk for sta­ples. Lidl and Aldi sell rice, tinned toma­toes, four and most condi­ments cheaper than other su­per­mar­kets. 'om­pare prices per 100ml/100g ¯ price la­bels usu­ally have this in­for­ma­tion. At the start of the month, we have about 10 tins of chopped toma­toes, 12 bags of strong white bread four and a cou­ple of 3kg bags of pasta in the cup­board.

• Buy spices in 100g bags from Asian su­per­mar­kets and re­fill your cup­board spice pots, keep­ing the bags for the next re­fill. Some­times - share spices with my mum, and we take it in turns to buy them.

• Shop at Lidl or Aldi for lunch­box items such as bis­cuits, crisps and dried fruit, as they work out so much cheaper than brands, and taste ex­actly the same. - also buy le­mons, limes, car­rots and pota­toes in bulk from Lidl, as we go through them pretty quickly and they last for a while.

• For meat, fsh and salad, - pick up some­thing re­duced from Sains­bury´s or Waitrose on the way home ¯ th­ese are reg­u­larly re­duced. Sausages and brais­ing steak are worth look­ing out for, and -´ve bought racks of ribs for £1, a top­side roast­ing joint for £3 and a cou­ple of pork ten­der­loins for £1.50 each. Any­thing spare goes in the freezer.

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