Whisky and rye salted caramel ap­ple pie

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This recipe takes that com­fort­ing clas­sic, the ap­ple pie, and turns the vol­ume up. Made with a dough that in­cludes rye flour and whisky, its flavour is a lit­tle more grown up. And we’re not sim­ply ad­ding sugar to this pie, we’re us­ing salted caramel in­stead.

plain flour 200g, plus ex­tra for dust­ing whole­meal rye flour 100g caster sugar 2 tbsp un­salted but­ter 250g, diced into 1cm pieces whisky 2 tbsp egg yolk 1, beaten with 1 tbsp wa­ter

(for glaz­ing) de­mer­ara sugar for sprin­kling SALTED CARAMEL caster sugar 200g un­salted but­ter 35g flaky sea salt a large pinch dou­ble cream 180ml


Granny Smith ap­ples 3 large

Brae­burn ap­ples 3 large le­mon Ω, juiced light brown sugar 2 tbsp corn­flour 4 tbsp ground cin­na­mon Ω tbsp ground gin­ger Ω tbsp

• To make the caramel, put the sugar into a medium-sized pan and heat gently un­til it has melted, and then boil un­til caramelised to the colour of a rusty penny, swirling the pan con­stantly. Add the but­ter and salt, and stir briefly to com­bine. Care­fully add the cream in two ad­di­tions, as the caramel will bub­ble up vi­o­lently when the cream is added. Once the bub­bling has set­tled and the caramel is smooth, take the pan off the heat and pour into a heat­proof con­tainer. Chill.

• To make the pas­try, put the flours, sugar and 1 tsp salt into a large bowl and mix to­gether. Add 1/ of the but­ter and rub into

4 the flour mix­ture un­til it re­sem­bles fine bread­crumbs, with no lumps. Add the re­main­ing pieces of but­ter, toss in the flour to coat and, us­ing your fin­gers, press each piece of but­ter flat. Put the bowl into the freezer for 10 min­utes for the but­ter to firm up.

• Re­move from the freezer and mix the whisky with 6 tbsp of ice-cold wa­ter. Pour over the dough and, us­ing a spat­ula, stir to­gether un­til a shaggy dough is formed. Tip this mix­ture onto the work­sur­face and use your hands to bring to­gether. On a lightly floured work­sur­face, roll the dough into a long rec­tan­gle (roughly 15cm x 40cm), roll into a fat sausage and cut into two pieces. Form each piece of dough into a flat disc, wrap in cling­film and chill for at least an hour.

• Peel, core and cut the ap­ples into thin slices. Toss to­gether with the le­mon juice and then the brown sugar, corn­flour, cin­na­mon and gin­ger.

• Re­move one of the discs of dough from the fridge and, on a lightly floured work­sur­face, roll out un­til 2-3mm thick and about 5cm larger than the pie tin. Roll the dough onto the rolling pin and care­fully un­roll it into the pie tin, trim­ming the over­hang to about 2.5cm. Chill. Re­move the sec­ond piece of dough and roll out as be­fore, but cut into strips (the width is up to you but I find strips about 2.5cm wide are eas­ier to work with and look a lit­tle more mod­ern).

• Re­move the pie tin from the fridge and layer in the ap­ples and caramel, re­serv­ing

1/ of the caramel to serve.


• Now it’s time for the lat­tice crust and, trust me, it’s eas­ier than it looks. Lay enough strips hor­i­zon­tally onto the pie to cover and fold ev­ery other one back on them­selves. Add a strip per­pen­dic­u­lar to the first batch, on top of the un­folded strips. Un­fold the folded strips – they should now run over the top of the piece you’ve just put in, and fold back the op­po­site hor­i­zon­tal pieces, that weren’t folded back last time. Re­peat this pro­cess un­til the whole pie is cov­ered.

• Trim the strips so that they end on the rim of the pie tin. Roll up the over­hang­ing dough into a thin sausage, and sit it on the rim of the tin. Use the thumb and fore­fin­ger of one hand and the fore­fin­ger of the other to crimp the pie. Brush the pie with the beaten egg yolk and sprin­kle with de­mer­ara sugar. Chill for 30 min­utes or un­til the pas­try is firm.

• Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Bake on a bak­ing tray for 15 min­utes then re­duce the tem­per­a­ture to 180C/fan 160C/ gas 4 and bake for 1 hour or un­til the pas­try is a deep golden brown and the fill­ing is bub­bling. Al­low to cool slightly, and serve with the re­main­ing salted caramel.

PER SERV­ING (FOR 8) 745 KCALS | FAT 43.1G SAT­U­RATES 26.5G | CARBS 79.5G | SUG­ARS 44.9G FI­BRE 4.8G | PRO­TEIN 5G | SALT 0.8G

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