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THE POTATO Maris Pipers are best be­cause they pro­duce the per­fect bal­ance be­tween fluffy, soft in­sides and crisp, shard-like ex­te­rior.

BOIL­ING FROM COLD WA­TER Bring­ing the po­ta­toes to the boil from cold wa­ter en­sures that they are evenly par­boiled from the in­side out. This stops the outer edges from col­laps­ing when they’re in a hot oven.

HEAV­ILY SALTED WA­TER The po­ta­toes will soak up the cold salted wa­ter be­fore they start to cook – salt draws ex­cess starch from the po­ta­toes, en­sur­ing max­i­mum crisp­ness.

COOL­ING AF­TER PARBOILING When the po­ta­toes are roasted from cold they will have set and stopped cook­ing, and ex­cess mois­ture from the boil­ing process will have evap­o­rated. So when cooked in hot fat the out­side will have a head­start and be­come per­fectly crisp while main­tain­ing that de­li­cious fluffi­ness in­side.

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