Can you help sib­lings stay to­gether?

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LAN­CASHIRE County Coun­cil has launched an ap­peal to find peo­ple will­ing to keep fam­i­lies to­gether by adopt­ing sib­lings.

Brothers and sis­ters are among the chil­dren who wait long­est to be adopted, as not enough peo­ple come for­ward who are able to give them a safe, per­ma­nent and lov­ing fam­ily.

County Coun­cil­lor Susie Charles, cabi­net mem­ber for chil­dren, young peo­ple and schools, said: “We re­alise that when peo­ple first start to con­sider adop­tion, they don’t usu­ally en­vis­age adopt­ing two or more chil­dren.

“But I’m hop­ing that we can en­cour­age peo­ple to at least think it over.

“We keep brothers and sis­ters to­gether when­ever we can.

“For chil­dren who can­not be brought up by their own par­ents, those sib­ling re­la­tion­ships take on ex­tra im­por­tance.

“In the midst of the trauma and losses these chil­dren ex­pe­ri­ence, be­ing placed with a brother or sis­ter can be an im­por­tant source of com­fort and sup­port, and give them the op­por­tu­nity to grow up to­gether.

“Adopt­ing more than one child takes a special kind of com­mit­ment, and a willingness to ac­cept a big change in cir­cum­stances.

“But we know it can work, be­cause we al­ready have some very happy fam­i­lies here in Lan­cashire which were cre­ated when peo­ple adopted sib­lings.

“How­ever, we know that adopt­ing sib­lings might not be for ev­ery­one, and we still need adopters to come for­ward to look af­ter chil­dren of all dif­fer­ent ages and cir­cum­stances.”

Among the 62 Lan­cashire chil­dren await­ing adop­tion, are nine two-sib­ling groups and four three-sib­ling groups.

The coun­cil is keen to hear from a broad range of prospec­tive adopters, in­clud­ing sin­gle peo­ple and cou­ples, same-sex and het­ero­sex­ual, from all re­li­gious back­grounds or none.

The only le­gal re­quire­ments are that they must be over 21 and live in or near Lan­cashire.

Not ev­ery­one is able to adopt more than one child and there are many sin­gle chil­dren who need a fam­ily too.

Adop­tive par­ents are also needed for chil­dren from ba­bies up to eight years of age, and par­tic­u­larly for:

Chil­dren aged ei­ther gen­der.

Chil­dren with special needs, dis­abil­i­ties or un­pre­dictable med­i­cal is­sues. Boys of all ages. Mixed-heritage chil­dren of all ages.

To find out more, call the adop­tion team on 0300 123 6723 or visit the web­site at www.lan­­tion over four,

The county coun­cil is look­ing for po­ten­tial adopters who can help brothers and sis­ters to stay to­gether

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