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ASIX-YEAR-OLD from Orm­skirk ap­peared on tele­vi­sion af­ter he de­vel­oped a brain tu­mour the size of an adult’s fist.

Daniel Bell’s par­ents Rosie and Colin were on BBC One pro­gramme Life­line dis­cussing how a cam­paign saved their son Daniel’s life.

In June 2014, Daniel had emer­gency surgery to re­move a fist-sized brain tu­mour af­ter his mum recog­nised the warn­ing signs on The Brain Tu­mour Char­ity’s Head­S­mart symp­toms card, which a friend had posted on Face­book.

Rosie, 36, said: “We are so grate­ful to The Brain Tu­mor Char­ity – that tiny Head­S­mart card saved our lit­tle boy’s life.”

Up un­til the Easter hol­i­days in 2014, Daniel was a typ­i­cal mis­chievous, happy three-year-old boy.

But he soon be­came lethar­gic, started throw­ing tantrums and had episodes of vom­it­ing – and one morn­ing he woke up com­plain­ing about a headache.

Rosie added: “Sud­denly alarm bells started ring­ing. The Head­S­mart card I’d seen on my friend’s Face­book post flashed into my mind – it matched Daniel’s symp­toms ex­actly.”

The wor­ried mother saw a GP who thought it may be hayfever as Daniel had been rub­bing his eyes a lot and pre­scribed an­ti­his­tamines.

Daniel was sick a few more times over the fol­low­ing few days, how­ever, so she saw an­other GP who re­ferred her for an ur­gent scan.

The next morn­ing, Daniel could hardly move and was vom­it­ing, so the cou­ple took him to the chil­dren’s A&E at Orm­skirk Hospi­tal.

He had a CT scan and they were told he had a “mass” which was caus­ing fluid to build up in his brain; and was blue lighted in an am­bu­lance to Alder Hey chil­dren’s hospi­tal.

That af­ter­noon, Daniel had a three­hour op­er­a­tion to in­sert a drain to re­lieve the pres­sure on his brain.

An MRI scan re­vealed he had a brain tu­mour the size of an adult fist.

Next morn­ing, Daniel had a nine­hour op­er­a­tion to re­move the growth.

Rosie said: “It seemed like an eter­nity, but surgery was suc­cess­ful and they man­aged to re­move the whole tu­mour.”

Daniel was in in­ten­sive care for four days and back home just 10 days af­ter his di­ag­no­sis.

Biopsy tests showed the tu­mour was a grade one (non-can­cer­ous) pi­lo­cytic as­tro­cy­toma.

Rosie and Colin are thrilled that Daniel has just been given the all­clear by the hospi­tal and has been told he doesn’t need scans any more.

Now the six-year-old is his usual bois­ter­ous self at home, with sis­ters Layla, eight, and Seren, two.

Sarah Lind­sell, chief ex­ec­u­tive at The Brain Tu­mour Char­ity, said: “Daniel’s story proves that Head­S­mart saves lives. We’re de­lighted for this lovely fam­ily that he’s do­ing so well, and very grate­ful for their sup­port.”

For more about brain tu­mours or their symp­toms, visit head­s­ uk.

LIFE­LINE, hosted by diver Tom Da­ley, can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

Daniel Bell had a tu­mour re­moved as big as an adult fist; left, with sis­ters Seren and Layla

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