‘I have been in dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions with my grand­chil­dren in the pram’

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still al­lows one car through. Cars parked on the pave­ments still only al­lows the one car through but be­cause the gap is big­ger cars think they can squeeze through and slam on when re­al­is­ing they can­not get through.”

County Cllr Gil­lian Oliver, who raised the is­sue at full coun­cil af­ter re­ceiv­ing nu­mer­ous com­plaints from res­i­dents, sup­ported the move for shift­ing power and re­spon­si­bil­ity for en­force­ment of pave­ment park­ing rules to County Hall.

She said: “It should be a mat­ter for coun­cils, be­cause it is dif­fi­cult for the po­lice to en­force some­thing which many peo­ple prob­a­bly won’t re­alise is a crim­i­nal of­fence.

“How­ever, a change in leg­is­la­tion will take time and so it would be good to see the po­lice and county coun­cil to team up to do some­thing in the mean­time.”

WE ASKED for your ex­pe­ri­ences of is­sues of park­ing around West Lan­cashire and whether it could be solved by an en­forced ban on pave­ment park­ing. Here’s what you said: Neil Heyes You only re­alise what a big prob­lem this is when you push a pram or are with some­one in a wheel­chair. You have to go on the road, that’s if the drop kerb isn’t blocked.

When walk­ing my daugh­ter to school, we reg­u­larly have to walk in the road be­cause the pave­ment is blocked by cars park­ing on the pave­ment by over­grown bushes. Sara McGoni­gal Pedes­tri­ans are caught be­tween a rock and a hard place if you have a wheel­chair or pram some paths be­come im­pos­si­ble to nav­i­gate. You can’t safely cross as there is no line of sight and you can­not safely dis­mount the pave­ment as the dropped kerbs are parked on. Walk­ing in the road is not an op­tion. Joanne Wil­liams I strug­gled the other day with my pram I had to go in the road and a car came down the road very quickly and had to slow right down. I had checked be­fore­hand and noth­ing was com­ing – hap­pens a lot. I know it can­not be helped but some­times it can. Polly Jolly Derby St / Greetby Hill / Bath Springs – of­ten on both sides of the road; traf­fic be­comes sin­gle file al­most. Mums with prams col­lect­ing chil­dren from the school of­ten have to take un­nec­es­sary risks on and off the kerb.

The ve­hi­cles ob­struct the flow of traf­fic & re­strict vi­sion; a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent in the wait­ing! There have been many in­ci­dents of car wing mir­rors clash­ing. Ian Blas­bery I live on Whit­tle Drive, it be­comes a mud pit ev­ery win­ter be­cause all the cars mount the kerb and onto the grass. But it’s also a bus route so what choice do they have. The coun­cil should of­fer in­cen­tives to get cars off the road, of­fer to put in free drop kerbs or grants to put to­wards get­ting a drive­way. Elaine McGrath I live in Tower Hill the roads are too nar­row to park on the road there are “no park­ing” re­stric­tions across from our drive­way but peo­ple park there to at­tend hospi­tal ap­point­ments rather than pay park­ing fees when the cars are parked there we can’t get our cars out the drive­way. Denise Mungo Hankin Derby street by Bath Springs was ok till they started park­ing on both sides of the road and to far on the pave­ments. Can’t get past at all when they put the bins out Jayne Grice This is a prob­lem around any school , par­ents drop­ping off chil­dren have no con­sid­er­a­tion for those par­ents walk­ing their chil­dren to school usu­ally with a pram as well.

I un­der­stand that park­ing on the pave­ment for other rea­sons is done to try and keep the road clear for traf­fic pass­ing but enough pave­ment isn’t al­ways left for prams or wheel­chairs to pass. I have been in sev­eral dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions with my grand­chil­dren in the pram.

Don’t re­ally know what the an­swer is when we all rely on cars so much. Walk­ing more is the sen­si­ble so­lu­tion. Sheila Boyd Some roads are too nar­row and res­i­dents have to park half on the pave­ments. If not then no room for emer­gency ve­hi­cles to pass. Louise Sarah Atkin­son Al­tys Lane, pave­ments of­ten to­tally blocked, espe­cially when stu­dents re­turn in Septem­ber, forc­ing peo­ple to walk on the road. Tick­ets should he is­sued to dis­cour­age dan­ger­ous park­ing, if it’s not safe to park, you shouldn’t be park­ing, sim­ple. David Martin Pu­n­ish­ing driv­ers isn’t the an­swer, bet­ter public trans­port routes and park­ing is.

Chantelle Grace Tru­chon

As a wheel­chair user, park­ing on pave­ments block­ing ac­cess leaves me hav­ing to come off the safe pave­ment, hav­ing to go in the road to get past. So this does cause a ma­jor in­con­ve­nience for me and other wheel­chair users. But I do also know that lim­ited park­ing and nar­row roads means that this is some­times the best op­tion. Wil­liam Cromp­ton Should not be al­lowed, it causes a ob­sta­cle for blind peo­ple and dam­ages the pave­ments. Ni­cole Xan­dra Smithy Lane in Scaris­brick is ter­ri­ble. The cars and the big hedge make it re­ally dan­ger­ous go­ing in and out of Shaw Hall Paul Dal­low One of the prob­lems is these roads are very old and when built there were no cars, the whole town is not geared up for the amount of traf­fic both mov­ing and park­ing. If every­one parked on the road then there would be no ac­cess for any ve­hi­cles as both sides would be blocked, then there is the prob­lem of how that would af­fect emer­gency ser­vices.

There is no so­lu­tion other than ban all cars from Orm­skirk which is ob­vi­ously a non starter. I don’t know what the an­swer is and I will bet nei­ther does any­body else. Neil Leatherbar­row I live in a cul de sac in Scaris­brick if they stopped pave­ment park­ing it would make the road im­pass­able and in many cases leave us un­able to park in our drive­ways Molly Costello I block the pave­ment if the road has lots of cars on and it would be dif­fi­cult for an emer­gency ve­hi­cle to get past. How­ever I only do this on roads I know well and am aware are quiet roads for mov­ing traf­fic and have lit­tle pedes­tri­ans there­fore is go­ing to be less of a prob­lem.

If it is a busy road or a road I don’t know well then I would find an al­ter­na­tive road. Maria Doogue I am a carer of some­one who uses a wheel­chair. I’ve lost count of the times I have had to go into roads be­cause the path is blocked.

We live in Burscough and when the health cen­tre is fully opened the path is blocked by cars, who even park over the dropped kerb.

The fact that it’s peo­ple with blue badges makes it worse.

Tower Hill was sin­gled out by res­i­dents as a par­tic­u­larly bad spot for pave­ment park­ing

Park­ing on the kerbs cre­ates a ‘mud pit’ in Whit­tle Drive, Orm­skirk, in win­ter, ac­cord­ing to res­i­dent Ian Blas­bery

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