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Student Life

The Advertiser Thursday, September 17, 2020 17 Just Go! Holidays is a UK leader in the provision of group tours and holidays carrying in excess of 70,000 passengers annually. UK BREAKS ISLE OF WIGHT HOUSE PARTY 4 DAYS BY COACH ONLY £159 Departing Mon 30 Nov ‘20 Treat yourself to a fun break away to the Isle of Wight, popular for its elegant resort towns and miles of unspoilt coastline. As well as exploring, we have plenty of time to relax and enjoy some great food, a happy hour and fantastic entertainm­ent at our hotel! ● G UINEA pigs could possibly be classed as one of the cuter and cuddlier types of rodent – depending on how you feel about rats and mice! The origins of their name are unclear, but what is clear is that they are indeed very chatty and very loving little animals and as such can make very good pets for children, and adults alike. Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in Holmeswood, Ormskirk, also take in, unwanted, abandoned and neglected guinea pigs, rehabilita­te them, neuter where needed (this unfortunat­ely tends to be more frequently than not) and rehome them to suitable and vetted homes. As with all the work they do, Woodlands do have strict procedures and criteria they follow to ensure, as best as they can, that the new homes the animals in their care set off to are going to be suitable and the best one for each animal as possible. Domestic guinea pigs or cavy, as they are sometimes known (Cavia Porcellus), are very sociable little critters and as such should be kept in small groups to avoid loneliness which can lead to illness. As with any animal, big or small they are a big responsibi­lity and commitment, with a life span of potentiall­y nearly up to a decade. They require a minimum living space of a 6ft hutch with a 6ft run and ideally should be in groups of at least three but an absolute minimum of two. This is s that should something happen to one guinea, the other is not left on their own. In the wild, these animals would tend to live in close family groups of between 5-10 individual­s, with these groups often living close together to form colonies. This should help you to understand why Woodlands use the above informatio­n as part of their criteria to be met when looking to rehome guinea pigs, so please bear this in mind if you wish to rehome from them. As with a lot of pets, neutering is strongly advised, and as these little guys can reproduce at a similar rate to rabbits, it is not only in their best interest but also yours as a responsibl­e owner if they are done. Once neutered (generally males) then theoretica­lly any combinatio­n of guinea pigs can live together, and because they can be tricky animals to sex, this just make life so much simpler. These little guys come in all sorts of colours and both long and short haired coats, with personalit­ies as varied as their coat colours. Guinea pigs are often active for up to 20 hours per day and only sleep for short periods of time, this is something that should be taken into considerat­ion when deciding where to place their living quarters as their chattering and activity could potentiall­y cause you disruption if not. Although only small in size guinea pigs have a similar digestive tract to horses which means they are grazing animals who require access to certain types and only good quality forage throughout the day and night. Including hay, fresh succulents in the form of grass/vegetables/herbs, they also need a daily supply of vitamin C, which can be met by feeding grass bases guinea pig pellets fresh daily as per the manufactur­er’s instructio­ns. They are incredibly interestin­g animals and as such some research should have been undertaken prior to offering a home to them to ensure you are fully able to meet their needs, so that both yourself and the guinea pigs have a quality of life and enjoy you time together. To find out more about rehoming guinea pigs from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary visit their website: https:// www.woodlandsa­nimalsanct­uary.org. uk/ WHAT’S INCLUDED z Return coach travel and ferry crossings from Liverpool & Southport z z z z 3 nights at the Holliers Hotel, Shanklin with dinner & breakfast Happy hour before dinner every evening Entertainm­ent on two evenings Excursion to Newport & Ryde Optional excursion to Cowes, Yarmouth & Ventnor (£11pp) Single Supplement £45 WARNER HAYLING ISLAND EXPERIENCE 5 DAYS BY COACH ONLY £349 Departing Mon 30 Nov ‘20 Why not treat yourself to a fantastic Warner Leisure break on Hampshire’s Hayling Island, perfect to get you in the festive mood. Relax and enjoy some early Christmas celebratio­ns with great food and festive entertainm­ent in the company of likeminded people. WHAT’S INCLUDED z z Return coach travel 4 nights at the Warner Lakeside Coastal Village with dinner & breakfast Free bar (6pm-midnight) on selected drinks Daytime activities Entertainm­ent every evening Use of leisure facilities Excursions to Portsmouth & Chichester from Liverpool z z z z z Optional excursion to Winchester Christmas Market (£8pp) Single Supplement £140 Operated by Just Go! Holidays Ltd. Coach package holidays and short breaks are subject to Just Go! Holidays terms and conditions and are financiall­y protected by a bond held with Bonded Coach Holidays Group (BCH). Tours offered subject to availabili­ty. Errors and omissions excepted. Prices are per person, based on two people sharing a dbl/twn room. Call or visit 03332 342 515 justgoholi­days.com/RCH (quoting RCH) justgohols JGTravelGr­oup 033 numbers are free within inclusive minutes packages otherwise standard rates apply.

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