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Black­berry and ap­ple crum­ble

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THIS is my easy-to-make crum­ble, per­fect for any fall­ing fruit! Here I’ve used ap­ple and black­berry, but any fruit will do – try pear, rhubarb, rasp­berry etc. If fresh fruit is not read­ily avail­able try frozen or tinned fruit in nat­u­ral juice.

In­gre­di­ents: 500g Black­ber­ries 1.5kg Bak­ing Ap­ples 100g Caster Sugar 300g Flour – 150g Plain Whole­meal & 150g Self Rais­ing 100g But­ter 60g Di­ges­tive Bis­cuits 60g Gin­ger Bis­cuits 75g Por­ridge Oats 50g De­mer­ara Sugar 40g Ground Al­monds 1 tsp Cin­na­mon This recipe makes enough crum­ble for TWO x 8” round Pyrex dishes – one to use, one to freeze!


Peel, core and cut the ap­ples into small chunks.

Place the black­ber­ries and caster sugar in a small pan and cover with wa­ter to just be­low the sur­face of the fruit. Bring to a gen­tle boil, be­fore sim­mer­ing for 15 min­utes stir­ring all the time.

Once soft, split the fruit be­tween the two Pyrex dishes to cool down.

Mean­while to make the topping: Sift the flours to­gether in a bowl.

Rub the but­ter into the flour with your fin­ger­tips un­til the mix­ture re­sem­bles fine bread­crumbs.

Crush the bis­cuits to­gether and stir into the mix­ture along with the oats and ground al­monds. Add ap­prox­i­mately four ta­ble­spoons of wa­ter to this mix in or­der to slightly change the con­sis­tency to coarse and lumpy rather than fine. Spoon the mix­ture over the top of the fruit.

Fi­nally sprin­kle with the cin­na­mon and De­mer­ara sugar. To pro­tect dur­ing freez­ing, care­fully wrap one of the pud­dings up in cling film and put straight into the freezer.

Bake the other for 25 min­utes in a mod­er­ate oven un­til slightly golden. Serve hot with ice cream or pip­ing hot cus­tard! En­joy!

Healthy? This beau­ti­ful crum­ble is cer­tainly fi­bre-rich. Both these fruits con­tain re­spectable amounts of vi­ta­min C, Ap­ples also con­tain pectin, a com­pound found to aid di­ges­tion and pro­mote full­ness.

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