Ormskirk Advertiser : 2020-09-24

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The Advertiser Thursday, September 24, 2020 3 Main picture, Saffie-Rose Roussos with her mother Lisa, who was herself badly injured and who told the inquiry: “Saffie found joy in everything. She didn’t like people being sad’’ ● Left, a happy shot of Saffie ● Below left, inquiry chair Sir John Saunders, whom Andrew Roussos addressed ● ● ● COINS & MEDALS POSTCARDS, GOLD & SILVER Buying or selling? FREE valuations and advice from your local specialist dealer and anger. “Saffie didn’t know the horrors of this world. A child should be allowed to live an innocent life at eight years old, she should have only known of love and happiness and what she could only dream to become one day.” Saffie’s mum, Lisa Roussos, was herself badly injured in the bombing. She spoke of wanting to die when she woke from a coma to be told of her daughter’s death. “She was special and I understood this the moment she was born,” Mrs Roussos said. “You had to meet her to know who she was. She was clever and imaginativ­e. “She was enthusiast­ic about everything. She lit up any room and was so very precious. “Saffie found joy in everything. She didn’t like people being sad. “She was a pure, gentle, beautiful soul who touched people’s hearts with her kindness and infected people with her smile. “She never walked past a homeless person without giving them money and a smile. “To say our lives now are completely devastated is an understate­ment. “The day I woke up from the coma, Andrew held my hand and looked up at me. I instantly knew. “I cried and begged and pleaded with him to let me die too. “I did die that day. Inside I am dead. My heart is so heavy it weighs me down. “I am so desperate to hold her close and smell her hair – and to feel her cheek on mine.” Suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a rucksack bomb after an Ariana Grande concert held at the Arena. The attack left many more people injured as well as the 22 lives lost. Hashem Abedi, his brother, is currently serving a 55-year minimum sentence after being convicted over the atrocity. The public inquiry – set to run until next spring – is examining all aspects of the bombing. DAVID M. REGAN EST. 1983 25 Hoghton Street, Southport Tel: 01704 531266 (Entrance through Berkeley Shaw Agency) Open 10am-4pm Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat ●●Georgina ‘gave so much love and had so much to give’: pages 4&5