17. How to use re­flec­tions


When shoot­ing re­flec­tions you need to fo­cus on ex­actly what the re­flec­tive sur­face is pre­sent­ing, of­ten that be­ing the sky. If the sky or back­ground isn’t in­ter­est­ing, then it doesn’t mat­ter how per­fect the wa­ter or shiny the chrome, it won’t gen­er­ate any­thing vis­ually ex­cit­ing. You just might need to wait for the weather to change, or al­ter your viewpoint.

Be­ing able to see th­ese pos­si­bil­i­ties is part of be­com­ing a pho­tog­ra­pher.

Here’s a nice shot of geese (be­low), but very lit­tle in­ter­est in the wa­ter re­flec­tions. Con­trasted with one (right) where the sky and back­ground pro­vide a won­der­fully colour­ful back­drop to the feed­ing bird.

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