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DragonAge:In­qui­si­tion’s open­ing en­vi­ron­ment was no­to­ri­ously dull – too many filler sid­e­quests, and it was a bit un­clear when you were al­lowed to go some­where else. When MassEf­fect

An­dromeda comes out, put its plan­ets and their as­so­ci­ated sid­e­quests to this test. Any­thing more than a one out of five means that you’re in the Hin­ter­lands – in space. You’ve been in the same en­vi­ron­ment for over four hours with­out see­ing any new cutscenes. You’re hunt­ing some kind of crea­ture or gath­er­ing some kind of min­eral to make a thing, but you’re not sure why. You’ve for­got­ten why you came here and you’re not ex­actly sure when you’re al­lowed to leave. There are so many icons on the map that you’re gen­uinely stressed about where to go next. Ul­ti­mately you feel OK about all of this, though, be­cause BioWare is so good at writ­ing party bants.

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