mass ef­fect: an­dromeda

The BioWare devs tell us how An­dromeda will make Ma ss Ef­fect about ex­plo­ration again.

PC GAMER (UK) - - Contents - By Sa­muel Roberts

Sa­muel talks to BioWare about the sin­gle­player com­po­nent of their long-awaited RPG.

The Reaper threat loomed over the en­tire Mass Ef­fect tril­ogy. You knew this deadly, an­cient race of alien ma­chines would ar­rive one day, and you knew Shep­ard and com­pany would have to face them when they did. Their pres­ence meant the third game was never go­ing to be any­thing but a grim, bit­ter blood­bath. An­dromeda doesn’t have a big bad – at least, not in the same way. BioWare wants to get away from that idea of an over­ar­ch­ing threat. In­stead, this is about ex­plor­ing new worlds and try­ing to find a new home for mankind, and a de­lib­er­ate at­tempt to cre­ate a sci-fi story with a slightly more op­ti­mistic bent in­stead of bar­relling to­wards cer­tain doom.

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