Aliens ar­rive in EliteDanger­ous.

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Robert Bet­tig jumped into the Aries Dark Sys­tem, a bounty hunter on his tail. “I knew it was go­ing to be a long, bor­ing trip so I just set­tled in and grabbed a cold beer. I wasn’t even re­ally pay­ing at­ten­tion,” he tells PC Gamer. This is rou­tine stuff for a player with over 2,000 hours in Elite Dan­ger­ous. What hap­pened next was any­thing but. Bet­tig’s ship flashed up “hy­per­space con­duit un­sta­ble” and he was ripped out of hy­per­space. This was new. Be­ing pulled out of a jump be­tween sys­tems was, un­til that mo­ment, im­pos­si­ble.

“I had no idea what was go­ing on,” Bet­tig says. “My first thought was am I go­ing to thought to be­long to the Thar­goids, an alien race last seen in 1995’s Fron­tier:First

En­coun­ters. The pres­ence of mys­te­ri­ous, un­ex­plained arte­facts had hinted at other forms of sen­tient life, but now they’re here.

Fron­tier has kept mostly si­lent about the event, although it did tweet the video of Bet­tig’s en­counter with the mes­sage: “A re­port just com­ing through that a CMDR has ex­pe­ri­enced some­thing... strange.” In the most recent Elite Dan­ger­ous news­let­ter, Fron­tier wrote only that, “we are in­trigued by the find­ings of these brave Com­man­ders, and can’t wait to see what the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity do with the in­for­ma­tion they’ve gath­ered so far.” You can see Bet­tig’s footage by visiting­goids. Phil Sav­age sur­vive this? I have no idea what is hap­pen­ing. And then the first thing I see is that stupid bounty hunter in an Ana­conda.” The op­por­tunis­tic hunter took a few pot­shots at Bet­tig, but was soon dwarfed by a new arrival – one that had never be­fore been seen in Elite Dan­ger­ous. An alien ship.

The ship, a sort of an­gry chiti­nous space flower, fired a bright green beam. “I thought I was get­ting mi­crowaved – that this guy was just go­ing to eat me for din­ner,” Bet­tig says. “I had no control over my ship, all I could do was look around. At that point I just re­signed my­self to it. I was shak­ing so bad.” The UFO shut off its beam and jumped away.

Since Bet­tig’s en­counter, many more sight­ings have been re­ported. The UFO is

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