Schrodinger’s Cat and The Raiders of the Lost Quark

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Schrodinger is a sassy car­toon cat, to whom death is merely one of two co­ex­is­tent facets of a su­per­state, col­lapsed only upon ob­ser­va­tion. Yes, we’re ob­serv­ing him con­stantly, but that’s only a prob­lem if you’re go­ing to be a dick about Heisen­berg’s Un­cer­tainty Prin­ci­ple. This lovely not-re­ally-ed­u­ca­tional idea sadly sounds bet­ter than it is. The main prob­lem is re­mem­ber­ing which of the more ob­scure three-quark pow­ers might be use­ful at a given time. The thought re­quired to work out the but­ton combo kinda wrecks the tempo.

Science! Fun! Not en­tirely com­pat­i­ble here!

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